Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beginning of Training soon--VERY Soon

Next week the training officially begins.  This is when I am on a four day river float with limited access to land.  The only workout i will have trouble hitting is the four miler--which I am not worried about. I think I can bring the iPhone and even with no service still do the NTC workouts.  Heck, maybe the other gals will join in!  THis is is the first year other girls are going and the forecast is calling for SUN!!!  The other times we have done this float it has been in the pouring rain.

We will return home late-ish tuesday night, then fly out wednesday am at 630 (which means wake up at four to leave house by 430) and head to Chicago!!
This trip is a surprise for Father in Law.  We will be going to the cubs game fri (Hubbee's bday ) and Jimmy Buffet sat.  I ordered us all cubs jerseys to wear to the game--so if you watch baseball look for 6 loonies in blue and white jerseys, and I will definitely be yielding a foam finger.  I have quite a collection now :)

I am supah excited to do a few runs in chicago--it will be fun to see what part of the marathon will feel like.

this past sunday I went on my first REAL mountain bike ride.  I realize the trails my father took me on were paths, not trails.  
Sonya gave me some very helpful tips and we took off like a herd of turtles!

Then this happened:
several times!  
but it was very fun and barring a large bruise on my inner thigh I was pain free!  

My bikes name is Ethyl and I love her very much!!! I can't wait to go ride some more like that--once I realized what the bike can go over rather than me hopping off and running along next to it--we then covered some ground!  Ethyl is (like her owner) not the most nimble due to having 29" tires.  but these help me haul when riding it into and around town so it is a great combo for me!

I wore my Nike capris and the Nike backpack I was sent--THey were both great!  The capris have mesh behind the knee so they breathe and they stay put.  The pack is for running, but the straps never bothered shoulders or armpits and there is a perfectly placed pouch on the strap where I put iPhone and used the Nike+ app to track our distance.  And due to the packs ridges built in along the spine it does not make you all sweaty!  I had to laugh post ride however, because my average running pace was reduced by about a minute since the riding is so much slower than my running!! 50 something runs banked and one bike ride affected the average that drastically! yikes--next time using the gps watch!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

aw yaaaaaa

The plan has arrived.  I am so stoked to begin--however not for about two weeks.  The first week is our vacation--i am nervous because the monday run I may have to do back and forth 1/4 mile jaunts... we are floating the Smith River which is permit only access on private land--so the campsites have strict boundaries... I will make it happen.
This experience is still surreal to me--I grin from ear to ear every time I am thinking about this amazing opportunity.  so very cool.  I can't thank Nike enough--honestly--I want to make them proud!! :)

No for sad news:  we lost yet another softball game.  Hubbee has forced me onto this team.  we are terrible--have yet to win and usually lose by a lot.  I don't really care about losing--I thought it was more for fun, however some teams take it waaaaaay more serious than others.  (and when I say waaaaaaay i mean they have pinch base runners, etc--lame--come on if you can't run your own bases in adult league--why are you playing? Cripes--that's the one thing I can do--RUN!! :))  The anxiety level is PRETTY high during these games--I really don't know what the heck I am doing... I mostly manage to get on base, and I have made some decent catches but I don't enjoy it.  People heckle etc.  weird.  I don't have heckling in me--I am telling the other team, "nice hit!".  So for all of this anxiety inducing, I feel as though the hubbee owes me a half marathon... This softball goes through august.  Anyone everyone agreed?

Today I also experienced my first Zumba class.  It was very fun--not that I was much better at that than the softball--but at least everyone was positive and the teacher was so into it and fun.  She even messed up a bit but was so non-challant about it--it was great.  I only have two classes left to teach--and figures--today I think was the breakthrough day with the students... I was so looking forward to the end but today they were wonderful!!  At least I will be ending on a good note (i hope)!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Today is the day I am supposed to receive my training plan for the Chicago Marathon and San Francisco Half from Marie Purvis.  I am so excited to see what  she has lined out for me.  This will be my first marathon following a plan that includes Nike Training Club (which i will refer to from here on out as NTC).  I am looking forward to the variety.  
Trying to keep my mind off the empty mailbox I have been attempting to do some sewing.

So far i have made these three headbands.  These are great to make when you need some instant gratification since they whip up in about 4 minutes.

I want to make a fun summery dress to bring to Chicago in white eyelet, however, my brain is racing and I don't trust myself to cut the material when I am like this!! :/

I also have been wanting to make a Pinwheel quilt following the tutorial from V and Co.  Now i need help choosing the charm pack to go with white:

The one that does NOT have a moda wrap around is a selection of Amy Butler fabrics.  She is one of my favorite fabric designers.  I am leaning towards that one.  The "good fortune" i may make a pinwheel throw with gray as the solid... any thoughts?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

here goes!!!

I never thought I would be a blogger... alas here it goes.  
I love sewing and running.  Also reading, skiing, rafting, etc. but the blogs i follow are fellow sewers and/or runners.  So i want my blog to be about both. 

To bring you all up to speed as to what has been happening recently:

I have been offered this amazing opportunity from Nike to be an ambassador.  I have been offered entry into the Nike Women's Half marathon in San Francisco in October.  This is an all expense paid trip, with training plan and gear for the journey. 

At first I thought Nike was offering me a bib into this lottery race. Living to the left of nowhere, and already committed to the Chicago marathon the week before, I was going to decline or see if they could defer until next year, or see if i could do the half.  I was unaware of the extent of the opportunity.  Nikewomen responded that it would be fine to do the half--then they said my hotel, flight, food etc. would be paid.  Wow--bonus!!! :)

Then there was the conference call with Marie Purvis (i was giddy and a bit of a star struck idiot).  She is setting up plans for the four of us--also she is running the Chicago and the NW1/2 -- woot woot!

oh wait--it gets better:
yesterday a box showed up.
Inside was this wicked great backpack that is like the Mary Poppins Bag of BAGS.  All of this is what was inside:
It had two pairs of sneakers: lunarswift3 and Nike Free 2, capris (awesome ones!) a fantastic sports bra, cool tank, great shorts, perfect hoodie, and the best rain jacket. I tested the coat today on a very wet four miles--it was great!

I must say--one of the coolest things to come of this experience so far has been the uniting me with other women that love Nike Training Club and running as much as me.  These women have been so motivating and inspiring to me. I can't wait to meet them and share this amazing experience with them.  After receiving this gear it hit me that this is for real.  A lot of folks around me thought it was a scam and kept asking "why you?".  I am thinking not so much.  Let the journey begin and the miles take place.  i am up to the challenge and can't wait to support the other women too.  Thanks a million to Nike for this chance of a lifetime--i have been a loyal Nike girl since I was a little (while, young.  I am still little)--I am proud to wear the SWOOSH!