Sunday, February 10, 2013

VW bus pillow and miles inbetween

This weekend I made a pillow case for my sister in law and her soon to be hubbee.  He collects and restores VW's (has several buses of his own) and porsches for a living and they featured a VW bus in their engagement pictures so when I saw this on Tula Pink's website I was so excited to begin.  

I began friday night and didn't stop until 1 am!!  i haven't stayed up that late in forever... but I had to be at a decent spot to stop since there are small pieces i didn't want to lose. 

This is the back, and I don't know why it is sideways and won't rotate?  oh well.  it fits an 18x18 inch pillow insert.  I was so pleased with this!  The initials in the emblem I cleverly (if i may say so myself) replaced with Jaclyn and Matt's initials.  That was my first time trying letters--I did one practice and then went for it.  Also the back two pieces are quilted--my first attempt at free motion and it was so FUN!! It is made with interfacing so it feels super sturdy.  This was also my first time appliqueing something so large and with various pieces.  Up until now I had appliqued a heart onto a toddlers tee.  

The only problem with my staying up until 1 on Friday was that I still woke at 6 on Saturday... but I was up and finishing my project.  I also ran 12 miles last night on the treadmill.  I initially thought I would run outside but it became dark VERY fast and I am a wimp.  It was one of my hardest runs to date, but it is done.  if I wasn't on the treadmill I would have taken two hours.

How has everyone's weekend been going?  I am anxious to do my NTC today and work on some more sewing projects!!  

Happy Sunday!  

Make sure you all schedule in your workouts and healthy meals for the week!