Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Sorry it has been almost a month since my last post.  We have been ridiculously busy.  Work has been so busy (which is FANTASTIC), and trying to fit in training runs for missoula full and CDT wulfman trail run, and MOVING.  We sold our house and close on friday.  We have wanted to sell for about 4-5 years... and of course when we take it off the market, someone approached us about buying it.  The deal with selling our house was that we would move to where I would have a studio on the premises.  My current studio is now too small.  We looked at several homes to purchase and even a few rentals since we weren't finding anything to buy and we are about to be homeless.  Nothing was remotely appealing and it was very disheartening.  Then we randomly ran into a former co-worker of Ben's who offered to rent us his house, then upon hearing what we were looking for, he said he should sell us his place.  I was not expecting it to be anything we would like, but we went to look.  First--GIANT shop on site (which will become my studio!!!!) and when I opened the door to the house and it was actually very much our style, and now birds dive bombed us(yea-we seriously encountered birds on one of our showings!) and even the colors he had painted were right up my alley.  My eyes welled up, i could just see us in this space.  The yard is giant (6 lots) and fenced. This was a big deal since we are coming from five acres, and there are trees, gorgeous grass, flowers, etc.  For being in town it feels like a little oasis.  And half a block away is a trail that goes to the river and the local dog park!! 
The new place meets all of our criteria.  And we can move right in!  Of course there are things we want to update, but nothing we can't live with for a time. I am so happy to be moving back to town.  Although, we have amazing views, etc. The drive is just long enough that it can be a pain.  I am excited to be able to ride my bike to do errands (and not be riding on a highway!) and be closer to our friends.  Since living out of town, we have become hermits of sorts... maybe that won't change?! 

I can't wait to post pics!  i am actually liking the moving process.  I love purging stuff and it feels great to organize things, etc.  

Any tips on moving?

As far as my running has been going--so far so good, however i did miss this past weekends 13 miler.  I don't think it will throw me off too much but I have resorted to doing missoula for fun and hopefully faster than my last full there where I had stomach issues.  I am setting my sights on Smuttynose Rockfest to be a faster mary!! :)  We will see though, running with family and it may be fun to enjoy the views etc too.