Wednesday, March 30, 2016

yikes! long time since last post!

wow!  a lot has happened since my last post... a few marathons, and LOTS of sewing!  my sewing has improved so much and i really have to thank all of my Instagram peeps.  They are so motivating and encouraging and a wonderful resource for my sewing.  The same as my ig running peeps.  I live in a very small community and am so thankful to have found such remarkable online support.  
Also since my last post i have bought several sewing machines to aid in the sewing game!  I have a crazy techie Janome now and i bought a vintage singer 301.  She is gorgeous!!! and even her original case is beautiful too.  

One of the highlights of this year so far was attending Quiltcon in pasadena.  This trip was so fantastic for so many reasons... first of all leaving montana in the winter to head somewhere warm and sunny is always a bonus.  But being around so many talented sewists was inspiring and it also made me realize my own skill set is decent! :)  i considered myself a beginner, but i think now i am an intermediate.  i had a goal to make something to wear each day to the convention and I DID!! i made two dresses (three actually but one was knit long sleeve--too hot) and a top and several bags.  Sunny, my sewing and running bud came on this trip too and we certainly had some laughs, as usual.  Also we hit that hotel gym every day too! :)

As far as my running is going, i just ran a half that went not great... but that is okay, it was an emotionally draining day and i knew it wasn't going to be stellar.  i am thankful for the finish.  I have several halves on the books (SEAWHEEZE!!) but am contemplating a full again... most likely Bozeman since we have several trips planned already and I don't think i can swing traveling for one this year, but i definitely miss being in training.  

I am starting a bootcamp program next week, and looking forward to that.  My goal is to be better about blogging too... but lots of pics on Instagram @turtlegirl00.  so here is to spring, new beginnings or re-beginnings! :)