Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Party

We had a goofy Halloween/Dance party saturday night.  Hubbee and I dressed up like a bride and groom via day of the dead and cuz was Si from Duck Dynasty.  His likeness was a tad unsettling for me to look at.
We had a TON of food and some silly decorations.  Lots of spiders and bats and candles all over.

Several people had those contacts in that make your pupils look crazy--i found them hard to look at!  i can't get too crazy with the gross factor with food or I won't be able to eat it... what can i say, i am a wimp. Si had his nephew Jace and wife Missy show up to the party!! :)  And another couple (last pic they were dancing) were disgruntled bobcat/griz fans.  This is the biggest rivalry in Montana (the two state schools) and their make up was GREAT!

it was a fun night and i appreciate everyone in costume, the nibbles others brought and the dancing!! :) 

I am not going to lie, however, i am partied out.  I have been on the go all summer and then with the trips this month i am looking forward to a more chill weekend where I can continue unpacking etc.  We still have not had a weekend where we haven't had company and/or cuz with us.  

On the workout front:  i have been spinning a lot and strength training and doing the reformer at least every other day.  i am taking a hiatus from being in training for running long distance.  I of course will be running local 10ks etc. but my next registered run is the yellowstone half marathon in June.  i am sure there will be a few more halves in there... but we will see.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nike Women's Half Marathon X Team Turtlez take on San Fran!

With very little sleep, and several set backs at 4 am, we finally made our way to the airport and made it through security and successfully made it to san fran with three legs of travel and no lost luggage!  Thursday we met my aunt at the airport and then met Angie and Merrie at the house.  We then made our way to the expo where we connected with Karen! (Yay!!! SistersInNike reunite!)  The expo was fun and not super crowded(just how I like it!) We ran into Joan Benoit Samuelson!! And then checked our names on the wall at Niketown, and then proceeded to spend a weeks wages on gear!:)

The next day we went on a duck boat tour.  Last year my goal was to ring the bell on the trolley.  Mission accomplished.  This year I was allowed to drive the duck boat!! :)  The sweatshirt over a hoodie look I attempted to bring back.  It was so cold I had to buy another layer and this I heart SF was $11.  Can't go wrong!  

We walked around fisherman's wharf and saw sea lions, did some shopping, shared a crepe...

Don't be fooled, she is saying, "yes, let's share." but she is thinking, "keep your grubby mitts off my nutella!"  No--we all shared and it was delicious.  my last crepe was in san fran last year.

Can't go to SF and not perform YMCA!!

We went and had our chowder in a bread bowl (which was unfortunately not as good as I hoped) however we had oysters on the half shell, calamari, and bruschetta that were fabulous. And of course a celebratory cocktail.
From our lunch place we did some shopping and meandering and found ourselves at the Buena Vista.  I don't normally like Irish coffee, however this was sweet and warm and in a pretty glass--we all loved it! 

Still rocking the double sweatshirts... 

Geez, day two and I am beginning to see we look like boozehounds... 
After we had a cocktail with lunch, a late afternoon irish coffee we had to rush to go to a restorative yoga class.  I had to ride in the hatch of a prius.  my aunt did volunteer as well, but she is 52 (yes marly i am stating your age because you are amazing for 52!!) and it felt wrong to stick the buzzard in the back.
i know this is against the law, and dangerous, but we were late and only one car was available.  It was actually comfy and for once I could see the tops of the buildings!
The yoga class was sooooo not worth risking my life in this position.  I have been fortunate enough to have had a class with Vandana and she was amazing.  Our instructor was a twit.  She set an alarm that would go off at the end of each pose. This alarm happened to be the alarm I wake up to every day so it was jarring and anxiety inducing.  She also kept leaving the room, etc.  A guy was snoring.  it just wasn't what I hoped it to be.  Alas, it makes for good fodder.  And after class Sunny told me how she had to modify a pose (thank god I didn't look over at her or I would have been in hysterics) and we now refer to that modified posture as "bear on a log".

We went to a 100% vegan restaurant that night for dinner, Herbivore.  And it was fantastic.  The food was very flavorful and satisfying and I also had one of the best cocktails I have ever had in my life.  It was prosecco with pear and ginger--DELISH!!!!!  

Saturday, the day before the BIG RACE we did a fun shakeout run through Golden Gate park.  The weather was in the high seventies on saturday and it was so wonderful to be in the sun.  We walked around the Haight-Ashbury area and ate lunch, bought snacks, and then went back to our house to relax.  I sat outside with my kindle and read and soaked up some sun.  We had a phenomenal dinner on saturday night at Razzata.  They walked us through the restaurant, down a tiny hallway and out into this gorgeous courtyard with a clear heated tent and lots of white lights.  it was prix fixe and it was excellent!  They kept bringing out something better than the last... and it was fun not knowing what was next.

Finally:  RACE DAY!!!  We woke early so we could eat and prep for the big event.  We had our Team Turtlez tees and chose a meeting spot for post race etc.  The race began at 6:30, so we were down there by 5:35.
Cab ride!!!
Kathryn is a former client and this was her first full!!  She has come sooo far! And i am so proud of her!!!
Team Turtlez!!

Girls gots GAMS!
Look at all these people!!!
I was trying to take a pic of the Wonder"woman" that was a man but I was running, they were running... so its blurry. :(
This was a break dancer--and the song was this song that marly's son (my cuz) and I would crack up at when we were little!  It was great to hear it again!
First hill HANDLED!
Almost finished! The windmill waves you on!
oh, bubbly? why yes.  super FAaaaaaahhhhhnnnnncy in a can, with a straw!! it was awful and none of us could finish it.
And I had to buy yet another shirt because it was so chilly at the finish I needed sleeves!

This sign cracked me up!  This was the mom and sister cheering on Meg! :)

After the race we made our way back to the house and we freshened up and went back to Buena Vista for a warm up and some nibbles.

Everyone was pretty tired so we made our way back to the house which took an eternity with our driver who moved to san fran from el salvador a week prior! but it was an adventure.  
The next day we all departed, several people having issues with super shuttle which was a bummer.  we had a VERY long lay over in seattle so we had manis!!! :)

This was a marathon photo I think I might need to buy:
The trip was a blast!  That is a lot of people to coordinate, and it worked out really great.  It was a challenge to get that many of us from place to place but we managed and i have seriously not laughed that hard in a long time.
Thanks to my lovely ladies!  you all mean a lot to me and I am so proud of everyone that ran/walked and finished!  I hope you all feel a sense of accomplishment and know that in my book you are all rockstars!