Friday, April 7, 2017

DIY wallets

Finally, my Sew-Jo is back!!  I am so happy that i am inspired to sew again.  Not doing great physically, i am glad i have something to occupy my time.  Today i made several wallets.  It took until the third one to truly dial in the correct size, then once i had it figured out i made a few extras.  They make great presses and are fun and quick to whip up.  I used a suiting fabric and some left over denim scraps for the exterior fabric and then some fun fabrics for the interior.  I wish i had more of the fish, but i love the Hipster Fabric from Crimson Tate.  

The last one, i used navy thread to top stitch and it also has the beer fabric.  I am always thrilled when i find something fun and functional for guys.  My hubbee loves these wallets because they are huge and thick.  FYI: it is not great to put your wallet in your back pocket, especially if you sit on it while driving/work etc.  

I want to finish my philanthropy quilt this weekend, and possibly sew a clothing top.  What projects do you have going? Also if you have any other guy friendly sewing projects, let me know!

Monday, April 3, 2017

lots of sewing, tiny bit of exercise...

This quilt top is the philanthropy top i made last weekend, and didn't have the photo to share:

And this is the flying geese mini i made for the flying geese mini swap i am in. It is a jelli quilt  pattern, and as usual her patterns are excellent!  the error in this is all me! I have dubbed it "amish geese" because of the error.  In our guild, we use that term because the amish believe only god was perfect, so everything else is flawed or has an error.  I had a great time free-motion quilting.  I turned this mini into a pillow case.

 This weekend i made a dress with Pockets!!!!! It is a VERY simple pattern by NewLook.  it says one hour, but it took approximately 4... even now with the tissue cut out, i still think it would take me two.  Maybe i am slow?  This fabric is the cotton and steel rayon challis.  It is DIVINE!  I loved working with it and upon finishing this dress, ordered more.  It was challenging to take pics of myself and it was early in the am but you can get the gist!  it also has a belt with the same fabric, however i didn't like the look, so i tried it with a leather belt and that was much more flattering. i have a few modifications i will make on the next one, but this pattern was great and i look forward to my next attempt.

 I have the book, Sewing in a Straight Line, by Brett Bara.  it is a great book with excellent tutorials and patterns.  These fabric trays were in there.  Three sizes, however you could make them any size.  They are quick and easy and great for stash busting.  i made several for extras for my "Pay it Forward" projects and for a few other swaps i have coming up, and easter prezzies.

 This one is a large one.  I used my 12.5" square ruler, and I think it is a great way to showcase the Tula Pink fabric.  i am going to use it on the coffee table to hold remotes and my angel cards.  The possibilities with this fun project are endless. you can make them deeper, triangle shaped, rectangle etc.

So these were some fun items i made over the weekend... and more trays are about half done! :) What did you create this weekend?

On a fitness note, I bought a new reformer.  it is the balanced body allegro, xl.  i have, however, pulled a muscle (pelvic floor? psoas) and have barely been able to walk so i have yet to utilize it.  i can't wait to heal so i can play around on it!! Our weather has been all over the place, but i was able to go for a walk with wrigley and Sunny and her dogs too.  it was beautiful.

These three had a blast! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and your monday flies by!!!:)
remember to never skip a monday so even if you do a few planks or a wall sit do something!!! something is always better than nothing!!