Wednesday, July 25, 2012

whirlwind week

This week has been sooo busy but AMAZING!  Last Wednesday my tempo run was a surprising success.  Usually i struggle with those workouts and my mind goes to a dark, lonely, SLOOOOOOW place.  I really needed this workout to be a positive since i needed to keep the spirit up for the half marathon on saturday. This was to be my second attempt at seeding for the Chicago marathon.  I chose the first race poorly--a two mile uphill start and then to single track trail, lots more hills, etc.  It was very fun--but I didn't meet my goal; i missed it by 4 minutes.

Saturday was, however, a SUCCESS!  Both Britton and I were able to make our goal time with 49 seconds to spare!! :)  That race was the farthest he has run to date.  WAY TO GO B!  I also placed third for women at the event--woot woot!  And yes, there were more than three--there were 20 something women.

I am feeling really strong and really ready for each workout on my training plan--that is a wonderful feeling.  I love the variety of our NWM2012 training plan--including NTC and yoga, etc. it keeps your body stretched and fresh. 

last night we had another softball game.  if you have been reading or you know me, you know this causes me the most anxiety.  i am unsure why--i am not bad--just not natural at it.  my only saving grace is I am fast.  i can almost always get on base.  We make the bad news bears look phenomenal.  

until last night.

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a unique achievement for us because all but one of our guys were GONE!  we had subs that we had never played with before and it was our BEST game!  GO GIRL POWER!!!! :)  when i came home to tell hubbee (who started/coordinated our team) that we won--he didn't believe me. (ya--we are that bad...).  We also won by a lot: 14-7!!!!!!! Go TEAM TOTAL ELECTRIC.  

Also yesterday i had to run 6.5 miles and do NTC since mondays run was only just shy of 3 due to bad weather and scary coyotes.  But the run was GREAT! I ran at about 8'20"-8'30" and it felt awesome.  Having the 2 workouts and the game I had a stellar fuel day.  Today, my #SistersInNike are all going for 4500!!  

This is a non-sequitor, but I have been thinking about it all week.  I did not have an issue with turning 35. (thats my age!) but several of my friends and/or clients are struggling with their turning that this summer.  I am so happy to not be having issues with that age marker--I have just been keeping on keeping on--trying to challenge myself and work hard.  And it has paid off.  For example, this amazing experience with Nike, which has lead to amazing friendships, happy family, successful business and so much more to look forward.  I always said as a kid I wanted to be the 92 year old lady in the Nike ad... here she comes!! :)

Thanks to my family, friends and Nike for showing me my path.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Half Marathon for Seeding attempt

Yesterday I ran the Headwaters Half Marathon with hopes of making the time of 1:50:59 so that i can enter for a seeded start in Chicago.  A friend who is also doing the Chicago Marathon ran with me.  We started slow and steady--sort of--the first mile was fast 8:00, and i knew we needed to be at 8:23 steady for race to qualify. We slowed it down a bit, then the last two miles we sped up again and just skimmed by with 1:50!!  but we did it! We can now enter for seeding! woohoo! i feel as though a weight has been lifted.  I also felt pretty good that Britton, who Sonya keeps telling me is "fast" didn't smoke me--we definitely pulled one another through--which to me is the point of running with others.  I had some great workouts this past week that mentally helped me prepare for this half.  I hit my tempo run with success and logged the miles and did my NTC.  This coming week the mileage is beginning to increase--I am ready!

The rest of my saturday was spent rafting on the yellowstone river.  it was GORGEOUS!  

I am so sad about the Aurora shooting at the theater.  At our very small, local theater, they did a midnight showing as well.  Apparently two men ended up in a fist fight and the police were called.  what is with this movie???

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SundayFunday and a healthy dose of perspective

Today I went on a fun yet steep mountain bike ride with the Hubbee.  It was supposed to be my rest day, but he is not in the best of shape so I knew it would not be too challenging (no offense to Hubs, he rallied!).  It was very pretty where we rode, and smelled so good.  It is a new access and a GREAT trail.
We rode 2 miles up and gained about 1000 feet elevation.  The downhill was a scream--literally in some places for me.

Then it was off to a family bbq--hence the sundayfunday--I am in love with Lienenkugel's Summer Shandy beer--delish!
This is Julie, Ben's cuz's wife.  I am the one with the teeth.  It was a relaxing day after the ride and we had yummy chicken shish kebobs with pineapple and peppers.

After completing Leah Kims yoga for #NTC, I just planned out my week of training workouts and meals--no more summer shandy for me until after the half marathon on Saturday!!!  :)
We still have softball. the season lasts through august, and that is stressing me and making for some late nights. I am planning to attempt running in the am to make sure I complete the runs.  As I was stressing over my schedule, however,  I remembered Tuesday I am doing volunteer massages for Eagle Mount.  That is a local charity that aids those with disabilities and/or terminal illnesses.  Tuesday will be working on young adults with cancer.  It made me feel as though my gripe about "where will i fit in my runs?" seem downright silly.  At least I can run... right? and my only issue with it is simply when... nothing like some perspective.
Cancer has impacted the lives of several of my loved ones, and I have done several runs to benefit various organizations related to cancer and run several races in honor of loved ones.  When I feel as though I am struggling at a run or race i think about those for whom i am also running.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday another package arrived from Nike. I had received an email from ups that it was to arrive on Thursday, however, then an amended email was sent that it would arrive on Friday.  I was like a child at Christmas.  Poor UPS guy probably thinks i am weirdo... ah... maybe i am.
There is A FUEL BAND!!  i have been wanting one so badly for such a time now and Niketown in chicago was closed so I planned on ordering one and viola: here it is!  Plus the tempo twisted shorts that match my Nike Free Training shoes perfectly, an awesome tank with mesh back, a great dri-fit tee, super cute sports bra with mesh back, a long sleeve dri-fit top with mesh shoulders--it is the softest fabric ever, and some bright pink dri fit capris that say "just do it" when you fold the waist band.  All of this stuff is AWESOME!  

Last week I entered that Lunge Jump Challenge #gameonworld and WON!  So Nikewomen asked for a photo in new duds performing challenge.  Hubbee was recruited to help:
These are the twisted Tempo Shorts--amazing and cute as heck! And the tank has a mesh back--it is soft and comfy and breathes!
ya--our grass died while we were gone for the ten days... it was 90+ everyday and no water... it is slowly coming back.  
I also have a client that is writing an article on my Nike experience so we met the other night to take some pics.  I was wearing the last tank they sent that has mesh panels and my other fave nike capris with mesh behind the knees. 
Not too shabby sights I get to see when i run outside... 
This pic was posted on twitter from the lunge jump challenge--how cool is that? and my fellow #SisterInNike @TiaraBeth represented as well:
I am so excited for this fuel band.  I love things that motivate me--and sometimes it can be simply a new pair of socks or a head band, whatever gets my rear in gear. 
Today is my "long" run so I am pumped to see how I rack up the fuel.  

On another note:  my sister in law is engaged!!!  woohoo!  Jaclyn and Matt have been dating for quite some time and he proposed while they were here for a visit! 
THis is Jaclyn's (also known as Jake) favorite eatery in town, and Matt proposed here!  I am thrilled for them--Matt is a wonderful guy and the two seem to bring out the best in one another.  They will make a great team!

It has been an exciting time around here!  Now I must go hit the trail!!!
Hope everyone is having a fun weekend and doing something they enjoy!  I want to come home and do some sewing after my run!  maybe another post later?!?! ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

many miles and more to go!

In the middle of Week 3 in training for Chicago full and Nike San Fran Women's half.  I am loving being in training.  i love being able to check off a completed task.  The start of this training plan is somewhat lighter than what I have been doing and at first it made me a bit nervous.  I do, however, want to start with a strong, fresh, recovered body so maybe lightening the load is good--i have been running faster than before! :)

I accepted the challenge to see how many jumping lunges you can do in 30 seconds by Nike:
This is the video of me completing 43/44 in 30 seconds.  I do not go as high as some of the challengers but I get low... im not gonna lie: I LOVE LUNGES!!!!!!!!!  When done consistently they significantly improve one's running.  I do variations of them almost every day.

I also have set up a challenge on Nike+ to run 75 miles in 3 weeks... however when the goal started it didn't include two runs for whatever reason... Want to join in ? Or set up your own challenge? let me know!

My next race is on July 21st--a half marathon to attempt for the SECOND time to get seeded start in chicago.  The first race I chose was VERY hilly.  it was fun but I missed seeding by 4 minutes. I am okay with that--I still won a cool watch at the race and had a blast!! :)

On this weeks training agenda: 6 miles today, NTC tomorrow, yoga or dance fri, and 7 mile saturday with hills or trail. ON IT! I have been adding a bit of yoga and pilates for some added stretching.  I had some heel pain last week and don't want to experience that again. I would step out of bed onto the hardwood floor and it felt as though I was being stabbed in the heel. miserable.  I iced and rolled on a golf ball and have been better about stretching so I think we are a-okay if I stay on top of my stuff!! 

I am also having anxiety because we used to have all the networks on our tv without subscribing to satellite, however, lately they are not coming in and THE OLYMPICS ARE BEGINNING SOOOOOOON!!!!  I am trying to convince hubbee we need satellite (out of city limits can't do cable). but if anyone knows where to watch online please be so kind as to let me know???

Hope everyone has a great week!  Train Hard!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back at it!

Then it was time to head into city proper and surprise Larry!! 
Rehmer's had a great dinner at Harry Caray's and it was excellent!

I was looking forward to my leftovers however I gave them to a gentleman on our way back to the hotel...
Friday was Ben's birthday and we trekked to the cubs game.
We had a message put on the scoreboard "Happy Birthday Dad and Ben, Love Team Rehmer" I didn't get a great pic but it was AWESOME!!!!
Then Saturday was an architectural boat tour and saturday night was Jimmy Buffet.  We surprised Larry (again) with a limo.
It was a great trip!  We arrived back in Montana late late late sunday night and back to the grind.  I have had some fun runs this week and NTC workouts.   I am loving being in training and so excited to improve my running!
Today is the fourth of july and my training calls for a 3 miler.  Looking forward to it and i am going to do some yoga!!!
Happy Fourth EVERYONE!
ohhhhh i forgot--my fave purchase were some adorable Nike shorts with Cubs logo!