Sunday, December 30, 2012

Playing with new camera

I have a new dSLR canon that I received for christmas and it has been so fun to use.  I can't wait to use it in Yellowstone Nation Park and also maybe now I can post a move of the day etc.  I am also happy to have a way to take decent self timer photos of sewing projects/moves etc because Hubbee would try but wasn't the best at that!!

So here we are goofing with camera around xmas:

Wrigley--who tries to lick the lens:
Matt and Jaclyn:
Some of my bday flowers:
And then I had to drive Iris out to her grandpa's and there were about 20 bald eagles and four Golden eagles around roadkill (gross--I know--but so close!) i wish i had my telephoto lens, but it was still neat!
We took down our tree this am because it was ridiculously dead.  It had actually been a fire hazard for about two weeks:
Hubbee wants that to be our christmas card next year... ummmmmmm... let me mull that over!!!!  It took about 14 seconds to burn itself to nothing.  scary to think that could have happened indoors!

I am trying to set some goals for the new year.  I don't really believe in resolutions.  I want run a mary in 3:50.  I want to get to 10,000 NTC minutes. I need to have several smaller ones to get me to these lofty ones.  HELP!!! :) I also think I may post three moves/week or workouts/week on the blog.  Any suggestions?

I do need to continue to sew.  I have lots of orders for baby items and need to get to work on some items for Sister in Law...

What are your goals/resolutions?  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Now it's safe to post these pics!

I didn't want to post these before christmas in case some would see their christmas present posted.
I made a purse and pjs for my mom:
I also made her a doxie laptop sleeve:
i made Sunny a zafu/meditation pillow. This did not go as planned... I bought one and made a cover, however they are not at all squishy so it would not go into the envelope style cover I made--I then had to stuff it.
I made colleen (mother in law) a nightie to go with their gift of an overnight package:
And I made these cocktail napkins for a client:
I made a few other items but haven't distributed them yet! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I MET TONY HORTON worked out and survived!!

This weekend is yet another one for the record books.  I feel like 2012 was so amazing and had such wonderful opportunities I don't know whether I should feel sad/nervous about 2013 or excited for what possibly may be coming down my path?!?!  On Friday Sunny and I set out for Big Sky resort for a weekend of several workouts/lectures with Tony Horton.  

Now for a back story.  I have never done P90x workouts and Sunny owns just about everything issued by Beach Body Fitness but she too has limited experience with the actual workouts.  So, needless to say we were nervous.  I know I am in respectable shape.  I know I am not average when it comes to my own self motivation.  I have been this way since I was a child.  I have always loved to move.  It is a lifestyle for me and I work very hard to keep it this way.  Because of my philosophy I have always scoffed at the P90x theory because what the heck do you do after 90 days??? And so many people were beginning the program, that I think weren't at that level to do as such, and petered out after a week or so.  I planned on attending this event in Big Sky to support Sunny.  She has been to many of my races, taken amazing pics, cheered me on, and driven my sweaty sore ass around so I was happy to do it.

I wasn't expecting to fall in love with Tony.


His philosophy is exactly like mine.  Variety, challenging, 5-7 days/week, some days are better than others, food is fuel, etc.  "Aging is for idiots" was repeated throughout the weekend--and with how great he looks and amazingly fit he is--I am staying on this bus!!!!

But what I found the most endearing was how he didn't double take or have the bulging eyed look that some have when they hear/see Sunny is about to do some physical feat.  She is overweight but still has a level of fitness and her military background has a lot to do with her gumption.  I was so pleasantly surprised when Tony treated her EXACTLY like everyone else.  The entire group and Tony's team were all so welcoming and encouraging--it really made for a fantastic group setting.  Normally I am sooooo not a fan of groups.  But this was seriously a blast.  The workouts we did were actually quite similar to NTC but without weights.  It was challenging but fun.  Tony is silly and realistic and a bit goofy.  I imagined more of a drill Sargent style--but that was not at all how it was. PHEW!  He made himself and team available for questions, pictures, etc.  It was really a unique experience. 

I feel as though this put a little fire under Sunny's ass.  She is doing the work, now is going to work on her eating.  Tony has a meal plan system ,"Tony's Kitchen" that actually seems decent.  It is real food, no preservatives, etc.  Sunny was able to do these workouts and didn't have swelling that she used to struggle with and residual pain for days that made it impossible to stick to any routine.
We also skied on Sunday.  At first Sunny was done.  She found a chair and I went up the lift to take a solo run.  By the time I hopped off the lift my phone buzzed--she wanted to try again.  This hill wasn't beating her.  See--She has so much gumption--and its infectious!! :)

So we skied a few successful runs and decided to end on a good note and call it a day.

I am so proud of Sunny for going waaaaaay out of her comfort zone in so many aspects this weekend. And I can't thank Tony and his team enough for such fun times!! :)  My calves are yelping a bit but it feels goooooooood!! :)

It was a memorable weekend and a wonderful way to start off the holiday/my birthday week!  36 here I come baby!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre Holiday Week!! :)

I have been a busy lady!! I would love to post pics but  few people might then see their christmas presents so i will have to post after the holiday.  But I must say I have been quite prolific... :)

It has been quite busy at my studio too. So my runs have been consisiting of 2 miles here, 2 miles there, a mile before leaving, etc.  I also have been doing some cross country skiing which has been a great alternative to running and Wrigley seems to love it.

I hope every one is enjoying this time of year, even though it seems to be shrouded with tragedy.  My heart goes out to these horror stricken communities.  

How is everyone else fitting workouts in during this busy season?  i need to finish wrapping some gifts to stuff into a priority mail box!!  Hopefully pics soon! :)

I did receive my workout ensemble from PV Body.  You sign up, take a quiz and they send you a top and bottom each month that are normally valued at $150 total.  You pay 49.99.  There are some discount codes floating around though, so search for one--I used one from @YogaEatRun and I only pay 39.95.  I received gray capris with very flattering seams and a super soft black technical tee.  I was hesitant about whether i thought they were worth the mula, but I wore them yesterday and was pleasantly impressed!  I will wash and post pics and do a better review soon.  Since I wear workout clothes every  day it seems like a rational amount to spend and it was fun to be surprised.

Good Hump day to y'all!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

running miles and making prezzies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  i did.  I ran the Huffing for STuffing 10k (which was actually 6.7 miles) and then we hosted dinner at our house.  It was very fun and we had great food and great company.  I had FOUR days in a row off!!!!  This is unheard of for me--if I have that much time off I am usually afloat on a river or not in Montana.  I was so excited to use the time for some sewing.  I have been wanting to make several gifts and the time seems to be flying.  I had to make several baby gifts during the last few weeks--I may have posted pics of these:

These are some baby kimono slippers and burp cloths. The kimono slippers I followed a tutorial It was super easy to follow and these are VERY fun to make.  I added Rik Rak to a third pair and they are darling!

Next up was some pajamas (lounge wear as she calls them) for my mother.  She loves bright colored cozy pajamas and I found this fun contrasting flannel.  I wanted to make two pairs of pants, however, the coral was cut soooooooo crooked I was shorted almost half a yard.  Alas, my mom is tiny in size so I could at least eke out a pair of shorts.

These were fun and super simple to make.  I think I need to make more!! :)

Today is my mother in laws birthday.  I bought her some very nice earrings off of ETSY (aahhhhh uuuuhhh aaaauuuuuuhhhhh--that's angels singing--I LOVE Etsy!!!).  Ben chose a nice scarf and I wanted to make her something.  She likes birds and I had this fabric I had bought with her in mind and I followed a tutorial for this bag--the olivia bag--from  Again, excellent instructions/pictures etc.
This bag was super fun to make and comes together quickly.  It is a great size not too big, not too small.  I hope she likes it.

Also this weekend I have been working on fabric flowers--they are for a project that will be revealed later (I hope! :/).  And I wanted to try my hand at the English Paper Piecing of hexagons.  They are a great way to use scraps and I can do it anywhere (i.e.: not holed up in my sewing center). They do not, however, make fast work.  We watched a movie and I did five.  How the heck do people make entire quilts of these things???  Someone may receive a coaster, then next christmas the mate.  These are a slow go.  But I do see the attraction...

So that is what my hands have been up to.  The legs have been running shorter faster runs and NTC and bootcamps.  I need to start training for a half marathon in February.  I am looking forward to being in training officially again!!

What have all of you been up to?  Running or craftwise???

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fitness through the Holidays

This time of year is often hard for people to stay on task when it comes to their fitness.  There are so many social obligations so time is even MORE restricted and workouts may fall to the wayside.  Also, at these social engagements calories are consumed via foodstuffs and beverages.  I am vowing to stay on task.  i need my workouts so I can manage the stress this time of year brings.  For me, I need to make that commitment to myself or I may snap!!  Again, this year, Runner's World is having their running streak challenge: run at least one mile/day from Thanksgiving through Christmas or New year's (now i forget!).  I may try this... although I do believe in rest days, a mile won't put my body over the edge.

I was also thinking of creating my own challenge of completing 30 days of yoga from the weekend of thanksgiving through christmas.  Right now I am attempting to run 100 miles during the month of November and 600 min of NTC.  I am about halfway through miles and minutes--I need to step it up; the week before last I was pretty lax on running -- did some spin sessions and yoga.  Yesterday I headed out with the intention of 5 miles and ran 8.5! :)  it was a gorgeous day.  After having been snowed in last weekend, it was 55 and sunny.  It was windy but that kept my temp down since I had on a running jacket.  It was delightful and I figured since I needed to make up some miles--KEEP GOING! :)

I know my time has been consumed with a crazy busy work schedule and also trying to find time to sew some presents.  I have been up late/waking early to find time to sew.  I enjoy it very much, so it is not hard to convince myself to wake up an hour early to do so. But, I also know I need to exercise so I mentally feel better.  It seems the busier/stressed I get the more I crave my exercise. I feel very fortunate that I have the ability to exercise, the means, safe places, beautiful views, great four legged partners, etc.  When I put the spin on how great it is that I CAN do this, it makes me want to that much more!  

Who else is partaking in a challenge during the holidays?  what are your goals?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting News!

It may not be THAT exciting.  Definitely not as exciting as some of the Nike news, etc.  It is, however, something for me to look forward to.  Sunny (@itsallaboutme) and I are going to Big Sky the weekend before Christmas to meet Tony Horton.  I must admit, i did my first P90x video yesterday.  Kenpo--and I survived.  I didn't really sweat, but I am not much of a sweater (???) and today I feel as though my shoulders are dead.  

And I LOVE it! :)

Sunny is a HUGE fan of Tony (ya, I'm going with the first name basis) and this has put a fire under her butt!!  i am hoping I can keep up--she has turned into a maniac.  I love it though--it is a fun way to stay motivated through this cold dreary time we seem to be having.

I am pumped to meet this amazing athlete for sure.  I am also psyched to go to the fondue restaurant at Big Sky!!! I love Big Sky--it is a phenomenal ski area/resort with so much going on and festivities and it is only 1.5 hours away.  They opened this restaurant two seasons ago and I have been dying to go.  Sunny is a bit nervous about how this food will affect our workouts--I'm willing to risk it! 

I have NO IDEA what I need to bring/wear/etc.  There is a meet and greet friday with some sort of lecture I believe.  Should I bring a notebook? dress up for meet and greet? do I need my own mat?  I wish that when you registered they had a "what to pack" list.  When I become a famous fitness guru I will definitely provide that info. *wink*

Anyone else going to this event?  Or have you been to something similar?

Oh--I almost forgot!  I am a featured runner on Doug's blog!!!!  
check that post out here:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snowed In... Snow day Sew day Ski day

For two days it has been snowing.  Friday was about one foot and we woke to approximately another foot this am.  It also has been very cold, 7 degrees, and very windy.  This miserable combination is not pleasant to be outdoors or drive because it causes these drifts that can swallow my suv.  So i have been homebound!  I have gone on two x-coutry ski treks with the dogs (today's went better than yesterday's!) and have been spending some time in my SEWING CENTER!!!!!  :)  That is what I call my sewing room.  I love it.  I allocated it last spring from the Hubbee.  

This is Fenway (weiner) and Wrigley (lab) in the snow.  They were hilarious.  Wrigely had never seen this much snow and couldn't handle Fenway disappearing into the depths and she would try to figure out where he was going to surface, where she would then whitewash the poor guy.  

I have several friends that just had babies. And also with the looming holidays I have a lot of sewing to do... so I scoured the internet to find some more creative items to make for babies rather than time consuming quilts.  I came across these cute burp cloths:

They were from  It is a super easy, fast, fun item to whip up.  And very practical.  I made a set of three to give with these cute little kimono slippers:

These came from  also a great tutorial and easy!  

In lieu of showering yet another day I am going to get back to sewing!  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November is here!

I am relieved the election is over.  I am over the wasteful mailers and foolish ads.  I have two races (small ones) this month.  On veterans day I have a 5 miler and on Thanksgiving, The Huffing For Stuffing 10k.  My fitness goals for this month are:

1)  run 100 miles
2)  600 minutes of NTC

These may not seem too lofty--however I am always wanting to do more spin sessions and pilates reformer/mat workouts.  

Also with the start of November I am working on some sewing projects!!! Yay!! Now that I am not in training for long distance races I am hoping to have some time to work on some sewing.  I have several dresses I want to complete, but really I need to work on some xmas gifts.  I am making my mother some cute flannel pajama pants and working on a wall hanging, and I thought these napkins would be fun and easy.

I love rik rak!!!  I love the vintage vibe it brings to projects.  

what are your workout goals this month?  Any fun homemade gift ideas?

sad news:  we did not make it into the Hood to Coast Relay.  But Karen and I are willing to join another team if anyone is interested/needs two fun, run-loving girls!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am not dressing up today.  Are you?  I will be dressing up on saturday for a fun Halloween Party.  I will post pics on that later!!  Can you guess what I am going to dress up as?  I dont think anyone will be able to guess.  I also hope that people won't recognize me in my costume... however they probably will be able to by association of the people around me.  

Maybe today I should dress up as "sporty spice"?  Unfortunately it has been a nickname since the girl glam band emerged... I have also been likened to the olson twins--I will own the sporty spice.  At least that is appropriate.  

I hope everyone gets in a great workout/run today and doesn't over do it on the candy!!!!  This is the start of the holidays and it doesn't all have to revolve around food.  That is one positive to living in the boonies--I don't buy halloween candy--no trick or treaters.  For a few years I made bags for the five children down the road, but they are all teens now and go to town for the festivities.  

Everyone stay safe and stay on task with your goals!  Keep your eye on the prize!

Monday, October 29, 2012

im baaaack!

I couldn't do a blog post last week due to the fact that our house is an electrical suck and the same night my laptop charger fritzed out so did the computer in our new oven and also something involving the water softener system.  Even though I am married to an electrician i am sticking with the word "fritzed" as being an actual electrical term.  

I am trying to run2-4 miles/day and do 150 min of NTC/week.  I need to find another race (other than the veteran's day 5 miler and the huffing for stuffing 10k) so I can put some goals other than "don't gain weight" on the books.  I actually have dropped a few pounds post races and my body fat percentage is at 18 so I am okay with that for now... I need something other than body sort of stuff to on which to focus.  Any suggestions?!?!  Anyone ever run the RNR Phoenix?

I am also missing my #SistersInNike and our twitter chatter--although we are trying hard and so far so good.  We are still encouraging one another with goals and NTC minutes!  I feel so lucky to have met these women--they are motivated, positive, and fun!! :)

I am open to suggestions for goals etc.  Also, next week is the #TwitterRoadRace 10k!! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And the whirlwind Marathon tour continues...

I flew from chicago to bozeman wednesday and then left early thursday am for San Fran.  The Nike Women's Marathon weekend was FINALLY here!  It felt great to have a successful Chicago full behind me and I was amped to meet the other girls. I forgot to have ben snap a pic so I took one in our lovely remodeled Bozeman Airport Bathroom.  Faaahhhhhncy.
Unfortunately we were all delayed flying into San Fran due to fog--but at least we were all in it together.  When we finally arrived, however, it was a quick change into amazing gear and head out to a photo shoot.  Those of you that know me know I am NOT photogenic.  I tend to look as though I am being electrocuted or having a stroke.  It doesn't help that I have HUGE teeth and no lips... I digress.  It was great to cruise through the city and see the various neighborhoods and chit chat with the other girls. They were all VERY photogenic and comfortable infront of the camera: GO GIRLS!!  Me not so much.  i have NO fierce face.  but it was still very fun.  even though I was shaking due to the level of discomfort I was experiencing.  Renisha was hilarious and told us these nonsequitor stories to help keep the tone natural, although they made me giggle due to the random content.
Here she was telling us about "Fried Chicken" and I couldn't stop laughing because I know she is a vegetarian.  She is such a great person.  She was telling us about how she has struggled with low self esteem (i think we can all relate) but she is so adorable and fun and kind and sweet and I hope she realizes she has a lot to offer!! :)

When we went to our rooms there was a bag of yet MORE GEAR waiting for us!!  It was awesome!  The hoodie is stellar and I wore it a lot over the weekend.  Also  grey pair of my fave black capris--so I was stoked.  Plus a pair of the nike free 3.0.  They are so cute with the neon laces!  Also i received a great white and gray jacket--super light weight and comfortable. 

That first night we went to dinner with Robin from Team Epiphany and Lydia from Nikewomen.  Robin was our stylist for the shoots and she was great.  She herself is adorable and pixie like in stature but edgy with green locks and hilarious and patient to deal with us!! It was great to meet these women too since we have only been communicating via email and a few calls. After dinner we went up to our rooms to find these lovelies waiting!  I was so ecstatic I yelled out loud!  I was not expecting these shoes since they were selling out so quickly, etc.

Before we met for our stretch session we all ate breakfast in Tiara's room where karen and I were practicing our Fierce faces.  #photoshopfierceness

Friday am we met up with Marie for a stretch session at Fisherman's wharf with the NikeFuel team too.  It was scenic and felt so good after two days of airport travel.  It was awesome to meet the Nike Fuel team--they are so fun and positive and pumped about their product (as #SistersInNike are too!). 

On our walk back we ran into a great statue
After our stretch out session we went on another photo shoot with Jerome and Lydia and Robin.  This went a lot better than the day before.

After the shoot it was time to go pick up packets and check out the expo.  Also around this time Hubbee showed up. We also went and picked out our items to be customized.  Nikewomen gave us gift cards to go to Niketown and choose our items.  I chose a half zip.  I love the fabric; it is dri-fit and super soft/smooth. 

Friday was a busy day.  Stretch, photo shoot, expo, shopping, dinner with Nikewomen and Marie (also her mom--who is super cute!) then off to the ice party.  A VIP event where they unveiled the Tiffany finisher's medal and Joan Benoit Samuelson spoke, as did Jay Blahnik.  I was star struck by the whole affair.  It was so cool to be among some serious game changers!!  
Karen was on the fuelstream!!  So was Tiara several times! Yay Chicas!!

Saturday was a shake out run with Marie.  It was over by the Golden Gate bridge and the weather was AMAZING.  Marie warned us not to push too much on the hills to save your legs for later in the race.  I think this was key to success.

Renisha and Nerissa coming down the pier.

After the shake out run we had some free time.  Most rested their legs.  I went sightseeing with hubbee.  My goal for the weekend was to ride the trolley and ring the bell.  Mission accomplished!

WE took the trolley past our hotel, the sir frances drake, and over the hill to Fisherman's wharf.  it was hokey but fun. 

We had a little snack on the pier and then meandered our way back to the hotel.  We walked down lombard street where their were some girls passing out free Red bulls (helped me kick the hills butts).

The hydrangeas were ENORMOUS!  They were bigger than my head and more like a tree than a bush.  Gorgeous.  I also ate a nutella and banana crepe.  I haven't had one since paris and that was forever ago... such a fun city to walk around.

We laid low in the hotel saturday night and my friend Vanessa popped in for a visit.  Before bed Karen, Renisha and I met for a pow wow.  I think this was the first race I was not nervous about.  After Chicago I was not sure how it was going to go but just planned on running an easy pace and taking pics.

Race day!!!  I was consuming my pre race coffee and meeting the girls in the lobby at 6:30.  Get your game face on!!

NikeFuel was there in the am to get prerace fuel pics to compare with post race.  This is one of my fave pics from the weekend.  I think we all look great and ready to conquer!!  I had a blast at the race.  I did have a stomach issue between mile 3 and 4 but after that it was GREAT.  Even with the fog and mist it was beautiful. And being among that many women pushing for the same goal and running for an important cause was motivating.  I loved the hills.  They let other muscles in my legs rest and made me check in with my posture.  Around mile 9 I picked up my pace and at mile 10 saw Hubbee which always gives a boost.  Then you could see the surf and we entered Golden Gate park.  I laughed as I passed Bison due to the randomness.  I became a bit emotional when I suddenly felt paul's presence.  I know he was there at both races and during all my training.  Sunday was the one year anniversary of his passing.  I fortunately was able to regroup and blast through my last mile and a half.  I was so happy to finish strong and with my ever present SMILE.  

I picked up the pace quite a bit on the last mile so hubbee didn't actually get to see me cross the finish.  oh well.  it happened!! 
I was waiting for all the girls to finish.  Although with the crowds it was hard to see anyone and the cell service was very spotty.  I must have just missed Nerissa while I was walking back towards the course, but she RALLIED.  we both felt like our races went well and we were prepared.  I walked up the course a bit to take pics of Karen and Tiara.  Tiara texted that she was struggling.  I was sending good thoughts and even tried tweeting to NikeFuel to boost her along if they were out on the course.  I saw Karen(she is so tall she is harder to miss than Nerissa or me!) and then received a text from Tiara that she didn't think she could do it.  I dropped my stuff by hubbee and start running up the course.  I didn't want her to NOT finish when she had made it sooooooo close.  She pepped right up and back to the Tiara we know and love when she saw me.  It is so helpful to have distractions when you hit a tough patch.

She's doing it!  And yes, I LOVE to run! :)
Here are some pics of Karen Tiara and me after the finish.

We all made our way back to the hotel.  Tiara and I ran into Joan Benoit Samuelson leaving her hotel.  She was great and posed for pics, however Tiara has it.  it is also on INstagram Im turtlegirl00 (bet you never would've figured that out!! :))  That was a fun treat!!  :)

Ben and I met up with Angie, our friend for lunch and a well deserved beer.
We moved to an outdoor patio but I switched to water. The beer at lunch hit me fast!! :) And I wanted to be able to have a cocktail with the ladies too and not feel like ass in the am.

Here we are at the lobby of our hotel having a "breakfast at Tiffany's" cocktail in honor of our hard earned BLING!!

even my cap is Nike!  I bought it in amsterdam or south africa several years ago...

I had a nightmare time getting home due to the fog... but I made it.  Adios San Fran!!

It was a trip of a lifetime.  I can't thank Marie Purvis, NikeWomen, NikeFuel, Team Epiphany and my #SistersInNike enough.  The race was so well done and such a wonderful event in which to take part.  I always feel a bit blue after a race is completed.  What next? where to go from here? how to get back into training?  But I know I have made virtual training partners for life and I am hoping and praying that the team Karen and I put together for Hood to Coast is chosen.  That would be such a blast!!!!  I am also looking forward to the virtual 10k on Feb 9th that NikeWomensMarathon is hosting.  I am honored to take part in this experience and feel as though it was the best way to honor my step dads passing, too.  Thanks everyone for making it so amazing and monumental.