Sunday, March 12, 2017

fun run and exciting sewing!!

Yesterday was the Run to the Pub in Bozeman.  And one friend couldn't make it due to weather, and another friend decided last minute to take her spot!  So friday night i whipped up a sparkly skirt for her to wear as well since she said she didn't have any green to wear.

The second one went much faster and without issues.  The first one, my needle was getting gummy stuff on it (glue from sequins) and thus breaking the thread.  This time i noticed if i sewed a bit slower the glue didn't build up (i don't know why that was), and thus no thread breaking and time consuming rethreading/detangling etc.  so the gathering went faster and over all it was just smoother sailing than the first attempt.  Which was great, because by friday night my brain is mush.  

We left livingston, and it was 18 degrees and socked in.  It felt very humid.  As we went over the pass, and into bozeman it warmed to 40 and kept climbing, and was sunny.  And CALM.  This was such a nice reprieve from our livingston winds.  I had no time goal for the race, just to keep it easy and feel out this hamstring.  And Tara, she thought she would walk most of it and she ran it in its entirety!!!  woohoo!!!  The event is very fun and there is a block party after where you can have your free cupcake and beer(s) etc. but it was awfully crowded and beer was the last thing i wanted, so we went for sushi (always a win!).  All in all, the event was EXCELLENT! 
Potty Line Pic!
I gave Tara one of the bows i made too.

I have been wanting to make these Birkin Flares forever (seriously for a few years) and finally last weekend i cut out the denim!  And the rivets, thread, buttons etc arrived that i ordered from Taylor Tailors (excellent source!).  So now these are ready for assembly.  However, last night i worked on a bit of my paper piecing for an IG swap, but then had to finish up tax prep.  i have a few CHORES to do then hopefully back to the sewing center for me! And yoga later.  

All of the bits for the Birkin Flares!  I am so happy there is a sew along to follow.  That is the only reason i was brave enough to attempt these.  i have a fun idea for my top stitching on the back pockets... now i hope i can implement it!

Anyone else run a pub run this weekend? 

Friday, March 10, 2017

run to the pub attire!

Tomorrow is the run to the pub.  i have done a virtual race or two this year, but this will be my first in real life race this year.  I normally run the half, however i was supposed to run the SnowJoke again so i only registered for the 10k this year.  We are currently receiving snow squalls and it is supposed to be windy which makes the already icy roads extra crappy to drive on, so I am hoping by tomorrow it will have cleared up some...  I wanted to share my makes for the race.  i bought the sparkly material two years ago but didn't end up running the race that year and forgot about the fabric and ribbons i had bought last year, and found the package of goodies around christmas time this year.  Better late than never, i guess!!

I ordered a fun tee from Etsy, and made these hair clips and sparkly skirt to wear over some leggings. the skirt was fun and easy to make and I'm sure there will be more colors in my future! :) 

is anyone else running a st. patrick's day race?  Costumes?  i must say, i love the bows--they are glued onto these excellent alligator clips that stay put.  i attempted to wear a fun headband with whirligig pinwheels one year, and those F-ers just kept bonking me in the face/eye/ear and so about half a mile into the race they were launched into the ditch.

i am also very happy i hit up one of the running skirts sales and purchased some ice breaker gear.  i will definitely be sporting my long sleeved top under my tee.  i love the super soft fleece on the inside.  wishing fast and non-slipping-on-ice feet to all!!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


well... it has been almost a year... i am a slacker.  my apologies.  a lot has been happening since my last post, both in my sewing life and my running one.  One can always follow along on instagram turtlegirl00 is my username.  

This saturday is the Run to the Pub and i am running the 10k.  I am looking forward to it.  I am also trying to plan other races for the year... Any recs? 

I have been sewing up a storm, a fun variety of quilts and apparel.  This past weekend i cut out the parts for a pair of Birkin flares.  I am now waiting for several items to arrive in the mail that i will require to finish them.  I have wanted to make these pants for a very long time. Fortunately, they are a tradition wide leg trouser style and will be timeless (hence my desire).  I am making them using a dark solid denim, however, i think they would be cute in a patterned canvas, or white canvas like sailor style etc.  I used a pdf pattern which is so time consuming trimming it, taping it, then tracing with swedish tracing paper etc. but now that i have the pattern ready to go, if i decide to make another pair it should go much faster. 

while waiting for my finishing notions for the flares, i am working on a philanthropy quilt for our guild and I want to make a sparkly skirt for the pub run.  I actually bought the material for it for the race two years ago, however with my mother's passing i bailed on the race.  

I also am out of netflix shows to binge.  any recs? any podcast recs? 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

exciting news!

I am so excited to announce that i am a Running Skirts Ambassador.  Although, truth be told, i am intimidated!  Looking at the fellow #skirthusiasts they are in so incredible!  You can read back through my posts, especially missoula marathon 2014, I am singing the praises of Running skirts!  Check out their stuff here:

I personally like the "Athletic" skirts.  they are constructed with shorts underneath the skirts. They make skirts with skivvies too, but i prefer more coverage.  They also have golf skirts and those are longer.  And maternity, etc.  the items wash and wear so well and they have tons of fun fabrics and are always adding new stuff.  Enjoy! i sure do.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

yikes! long time since last post!

wow!  a lot has happened since my last post... a few marathons, and LOTS of sewing!  my sewing has improved so much and i really have to thank all of my Instagram peeps.  They are so motivating and encouraging and a wonderful resource for my sewing.  The same as my ig running peeps.  I live in a very small community and am so thankful to have found such remarkable online support.  
Also since my last post i have bought several sewing machines to aid in the sewing game!  I have a crazy techie Janome now and i bought a vintage singer 301.  She is gorgeous!!! and even her original case is beautiful too.  

One of the highlights of this year so far was attending Quiltcon in pasadena.  This trip was so fantastic for so many reasons... first of all leaving montana in the winter to head somewhere warm and sunny is always a bonus.  But being around so many talented sewists was inspiring and it also made me realize my own skill set is decent! :)  i considered myself a beginner, but i think now i am an intermediate.  i had a goal to make something to wear each day to the convention and I DID!! i made two dresses (three actually but one was knit long sleeve--too hot) and a top and several bags.  Sunny, my sewing and running bud came on this trip too and we certainly had some laughs, as usual.  Also we hit that hotel gym every day too! :)

As far as my running is going, i just ran a half that went not great... but that is okay, it was an emotionally draining day and i knew it wasn't going to be stellar.  i am thankful for the finish.  I have several halves on the books (SEAWHEEZE!!) but am contemplating a full again... most likely Bozeman since we have several trips planned already and I don't think i can swing traveling for one this year, but i definitely miss being in training.  

I am starting a bootcamp program next week, and looking forward to that.  My goal is to be better about blogging too... but lots of pics on Instagram @turtlegirl00.  so here is to spring, new beginnings or re-beginnings! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tulle Skirt

I began this skirt back in April to wear to the first of many weddings we were attending this summer, however time has been taken up by work and training and hosting lots of company.  This weekend I ran (hobbled) through my 16 miler on friday to free up my saturday and conserve energy for dancing at Ben and Kristie's wedding.  So saturday am, I finally ventured into my sewing center.  It has become a catch all for randoms and needed to be tidied before I could sew the few baby items I wanted to make for a friend.  During the tidying I found the almost completed skirt.  Aha!  I can wear this to the wedding today!  I slipped on the skirt and it was WAY TOO BIG!  When I began this project i was 16 pounds heavier... so I went to work on taking in the skirt and assembling a simple strapless top. voila! ensemble completed!  it was so fun to sew again.  And tulle is much simpler to work with than I was expecting.  The skirt has three layers: a nude jersey layer, another nude jersey layer with gold flecks and then the black tulle layer.  I was glad it wasn't too full, so I wouldn't look like i was wearing a cupcake.

The wedding was great. I am so happy for Ben and Kristie.  These tykes were my stellar dance partners!  Next up on the sewing agenda is to finish the swim suit I started in march!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014


I stumbled upon a blog and am so happy I did.  it is Fehr Trade.  Melissa is a sewist and a runner (sew sole sister!!).  She is hosting a challenge right now where you make an article of active wear and walk/run a race in it.  I am running in Bloomsday in Spokane on Sunday, so I attempted a pair of leggings.  I found a tutorial on Etsy as to how to make your own pattern.  I also just received the new book, The Colette guide to Sewing Knits and some new knit fabric that was on sale at  

This was the first time I used my french curve ruler!! Very excited about that... it was a "must have" that has been in packaging for at least a year.  Ther pattern worked out great.  The only adjustment I had to make was to shrink the waist up.  I tend to make things bigger (I don't trust my own measurements?).  

I was having issues with my serger. I re-threaded it about 4 times, adjusted tensions and was about to shove it off the table.  Then I noticed one of the spools, I had put on a cap.  this stupid sucker was the culprit. so upon removal of that, it stitched like a dream!
I am so happy with the fit of these.  The fabric is a bit light, but they are comfortable, not threadbare and have enough stretch/give to move around in them.  I think they would be great for yoga, pilates, maybe sweat would show running/etc.  I will test!

I am also taking the RRCA coaching certification course this week.  it is being held in conjunction with the RRCA annual convention.  I am looking forward to saturday's banquet where Deena Kastor is hosting!!!

So on my race agenda is Bloomsday, Yellowstone half, a 9 mile trail run at 6500--8500 feet, Missoula half, a Ragnar relay and possibly another fall full?  If not a full then another half.  

Now i am going to attempt to make some more capri leggings with some lycra I found in my stash! :)