Monday, April 28, 2014


I stumbled upon a blog and am so happy I did.  it is Fehr Trade.  Melissa is a sewist and a runner (sew sole sister!!).  She is hosting a challenge right now where you make an article of active wear and walk/run a race in it.  I am running in Bloomsday in Spokane on Sunday, so I attempted a pair of leggings.  I found a tutorial on Etsy as to how to make your own pattern.  I also just received the new book, The Colette guide to Sewing Knits and some new knit fabric that was on sale at  

This was the first time I used my french curve ruler!! Very excited about that... it was a "must have" that has been in packaging for at least a year.  Ther pattern worked out great.  The only adjustment I had to make was to shrink the waist up.  I tend to make things bigger (I don't trust my own measurements?).  

I was having issues with my serger. I re-threaded it about 4 times, adjusted tensions and was about to shove it off the table.  Then I noticed one of the spools, I had put on a cap.  this stupid sucker was the culprit. so upon removal of that, it stitched like a dream!
I am so happy with the fit of these.  The fabric is a bit light, but they are comfortable, not threadbare and have enough stretch/give to move around in them.  I think they would be great for yoga, pilates, maybe sweat would show running/etc.  I will test!

I am also taking the RRCA coaching certification course this week.  it is being held in conjunction with the RRCA annual convention.  I am looking forward to saturday's banquet where Deena Kastor is hosting!!!

So on my race agenda is Bloomsday, Yellowstone half, a 9 mile trail run at 6500--8500 feet, Missoula half, a Ragnar relay and possibly another fall full?  If not a full then another half.  

Now i am going to attempt to make some more capri leggings with some lycra I found in my stash! :)