Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tulle Skirt

I began this skirt back in April to wear to the first of many weddings we were attending this summer, however time has been taken up by work and training and hosting lots of company.  This weekend I ran (hobbled) through my 16 miler on friday to free up my saturday and conserve energy for dancing at Ben and Kristie's wedding.  So saturday am, I finally ventured into my sewing center.  It has become a catch all for randoms and needed to be tidied before I could sew the few baby items I wanted to make for a friend.  During the tidying I found the almost completed skirt.  Aha!  I can wear this to the wedding today!  I slipped on the skirt and it was WAY TOO BIG!  When I began this project i was 16 pounds heavier... so I went to work on taking in the skirt and assembling a simple strapless top. voila! ensemble completed!  it was so fun to sew again.  And tulle is much simpler to work with than I was expecting.  The skirt has three layers: a nude jersey layer, another nude jersey layer with gold flecks and then the black tulle layer.  I was glad it wasn't too full, so I wouldn't look like i was wearing a cupcake.

The wedding was great. I am so happy for Ben and Kristie.  These tykes were my stellar dance partners!  Next up on the sewing agenda is to finish the swim suit I started in march!!!!