Sunday, September 30, 2012

A week and two weeks...

It is beginning to set in... It is really happening.  The waiting is almost over.  Am I ready?  Can I do this?  Am I nuts?  Yes yes and yes!!  I leave bright and early on Wednesday (that's actually a lie--it will be pitch black even after the plane takes off!) for Chicago.  I am almost packed--just need to finalize a few ensemble choices.  Then I hope to run the race of my life Sunday.  As of yet the weather is holding at the perfect temperatures. I try not to stress too much about the weather, however, it is WAY out of my control.  I fly back to Montana on Wednesday and then the very next morning I hop on another flight to San Francisco.  This is where it gets very EXCITING.  Yes--psyched for Chicago and I love going there etc.  But this trip to San Francisco is the trip of a lifetime for me.  It is ala NIKE.  I am going to a place I have never been and not at my expense.  They have been providing me with gear, support, an awesome training plan via Marie Purvis (who is also running Chicago and I can't wait to meet!).  All of this has been leading up to this trip.  We are being put up in a great hotel and I will finally meet my #SistersInNike.  

Today I put my sewing machine to use.  It was so fun and I have been missing it. 

I ordered this custom ribbon and it was supposed to be grosgrain, but its not and the printing is not of the best quality.  So I bought some Tiffany Blue ribbon in honor of the necklace we receive and the awesome Lunarglides that Nike has manufactured on behalf of this event.

I made these for all the girls, one for Marie, three for @Nikewomen, and one for one of the ambassador's friend's that will be at our hotel too.  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone...

THis will probably be my last post until after the events, depending upon the time I arrive back in montana (I will be in the state for about 12 hours!) on that wednesday.  Feel free to follow my journey via twitter: @turtlegirl00

Best of luck to everyone running Chicago and San Fran!!  And any other races happening! And safe travels to all!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh the places I will go!!

A week from right now I will be landing in Chicago!! :)  I am very excited for several reasons, I will be able to see both my parents, several friends, uncle, etc.  Plus I need a vacay.  I am stoked to hit the new Nike Chicago.  It was closed when I was there in june. 
I am ready to run this race.  I am ready to push myself like i never have before.  I am ready to be done. I mean done with the first portion of races, because I am having a hard time staying excited about San Fran with the Full looming in front of it.I love being in training--but this close to the race, I look forward to the end.    my "end" is just another beginning.  I will be spending the following weekend in San Fran and run the Nike Women's half marathon.  This week of high mileage races will put my body to the test--but I am ready and stoked to accept the challenge.  Even as I think and type that I am ready to be done--it causes a bit of panic.  What next?  when "done" training I don't then go into hibernation.  I am looking forward to having the time (and energy) to try some new things, Pure Barre, Trx, etc.  maybe get back into spinning?  

What will most likely happen is I will find another race... 

Anyone else prepping for October/November Marathons or Half's? How is it going?

I also am looking forward to some time to sew.  It is the only home-ec-e thing I enjoy.  For whatever reason it calms me.  I want to finish several nearly done projects and I want to do some of the online classes I signed up for 6 months ago.  I have several presents I need to make... yup, one door closes another opens.

Any suggestions for Chicago or San Fran?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was so happy when yesterday the hubbee phoned and said, "I think you have two packages from Nike."  I was hoping something would show up since the other girls all received clothing along with their new sneakers and I received socks.  NikeWomen didn't disappoint--The capris are AWESOME.  I love the gray color and they fit great--they are like the coral ones I received in the last package.  The tights are the Legend tights and will be great for winter/cold days.  The top is a great dri-fit running top with THUMB HOLES!!  I don't know why but thumb holes always make me excited.  I don't know if it makes me feel like it is a more technical shirt or sportier or what--but it works for me!!!!  The trainers are the NIke Free 2--and I wore them last night for NTC and they are great.  I love the colors too!  

The weather has certainly flipped like a switch here.  The past two mornings were below freezing!!!  So this gear arrived just in time.  Thanks again Nike and NikeWomen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tolerating the Taper

This week was a plummet to the miles.  I had a lot of yoga to do , NTC and minimal running.  A 6 mile tempo run and and 18 miler long run.  I loved the yoga and NTC but it was mentally a bit odd to not run very much.  Sunday I was registered for the Bozeman Half Marathon and took at least two minutes off my time from the half last month. I did it in 1:48:??.  And it was a blast.  I just wanted to work on pacing and it went really great.  This event is very well organized and efficient.  Last year was the first year and I took at least 6 minutes off my time from last year.

The sunglasses, although not in a color I would choose normally, are great for running.  They don't move, they weigh next to nothing and the lens is great in a variety of light. LOVE 'EM! They are Nike miler sunglasses.

Sunny came over to cheer me on and take photos--THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT SUNNY!!--and then we went on a sewing supply shopping spree.  I have several projects in the works and am working on several christmas presents. more will be revealed on that later.

This week the taper continues.  A five miler yesterday, 6 at race pace today, and a 15 miler on saturday.  Lots of NTC and yoga. It has been ridiculously smokey here.  we lucked out sunday am and had decent air quality but by noon you couldn't see the mountains again.  Yesterday when I was loading up my car for work it was ashing outside like snow.  It is very sad and depressing.

I always have struggled with the taper.  It is a mental struggle.  When training you want to push yourself and hit all the targeted workouts and then you begin this downward slide to allow one's body to heal--one side of my brain gets this--the other not so much.  I panic a bit, thinking, "gee, maybe this taper is too long? will i lose fitness in this time frame?"  I just have to keep reassuring myself about the healing process within the muscles so I can push myself hard on race day.

We are in the homestretch of this race training for fall 2012--and I have so enjoyed the ride.  I am now becoming quite excited about the Chicago Marathon and super excited for the whole experience in San Francisco.  The Nike Womens Marathon looks like a stellar event. I am looking forward to the expo, our gorgeous hotel, seeing the city while racing, and of course meeting my #SistersInNike.  I am already wondering what the heck to pack... workout stuff obviously, but then what else will we be doing? hmmm...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

San Francisco Here We Come!!

More exciting updates on this experience of a lifetime i have been having!  Nike sent us our flight and hotel information.  Woohoo!!!!  it feels official now!!  We are staying at the Sir Frances Drake in Union Square.  It looks amazing.  I am still waiting for someone to pinch me and this dream bubble to burst...

I am LOVING the lunar glide 4's.  They are so supportive and and cushiony without being bulky or heavy.  I can't go too minimal with sneakers and run long distance--my feet start aching and my shins begin to hurt.  I have tried easing into the minimal movement, and I appreciate the light weight factor, but I definitely need support and these sneakers most certainly offer it.  They feel custom fitted to my feet-hugs in the correct places, room for movement in others. Mine are a funky dark purple with a fluorescent coral color accent--i just love 'em!! Why did I stop wearing lunar glides?  I think because I lost my pair in our camper and couldn't remember what i liked so went with swifts.  They aren't bad--but the glides are amazing!! 

i also love the nike running socks.  They are light weight, and short so no funky tan lines.  They don't rub or change shape even on long runs.

I am so looking forward to this trip.  I have never been to San Fran and hear all these amazing things.  Since I will be running the half-marathon there a week after the full in Chicago I am planning on running with my iphone and taking in the sights!  i.e.: not running for time--running for FUN!! :) 

Hubbee wants to go to San Fran.  And don't get me wrong, I want him to be there since he is not going to Chicago.  BUT... it is also my time to bond with the girls.  He is great at entertaining himself and says he knows he probably will be on his own a lot--and he is good at that.  I do want my first time to san fran to be with him too--plus he will only be there for two days since that alegiant flight is only for the weekend.  We have a friend who lives there that can also entertain him :)

Any suggestions on what not to miss please let me know!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Kicks!

The fed ex man showed up today with two boxes.  I was ecstatic since yesterday Tiara posted some pics of new gear from Nike.  One box had LunarGlide 4's in it and the other 12 pairs of nike running socks.  

These shoes feel so comfortable and stable and supportive!
I may even try them today for my tempo run... 
Whenever I receive a package Tubbs feels as though she is receiving a prize as well!!
I can't thank NikeWomen enough for stellar gear and now new kicks!  I loved the lunarglide 2's. I am sure I will love the 4's even more!

supplies for studio

I go through yoga/pilates mats like crazy at my studio.  I let clients take them, I leave them at sessions, plus I bleach them so they begin to peel/crumble and i then toss them.  I buy my yoga mats at

They have tons of color selections and a variety of sizes.  The link is to the specific mat I choose.  They are nice and cushy and I choose black.  yes, shocking to those of you that know me--I usually choose black for most things! I also keep straps handy and about to purchase some blocks too.  This site is great and has lots of selection.

"last" long run before taper

Saturday was a 22 miler.  The last long run before the taper.  And it was so smokey here you could barely see a mile away.  chunks, not just ash were falling from the sky.  Friday I frantically phoned the college, gyms, etc to try to find a place to run on an indoor track.  Alas, I was treadmill bound.  Friday a 6 mile run on the treadmill made me want to rip my hair out so I was not looking forward to this.  Friday night Hubbee and I went out for sushi.  I know this meal works great for me pre-long run.  I wanted to stack the deck in my favor for success.  Also, since I wasn't trying to beat the heat and could sleep in a bit (my body doesn't really allow me to sleep past 7:30) I had a glass of wine.

Saturday I went to my studio to begin my longest run of the training portion on the treadmill.  i refuse to refer to it as the deathmill etc.  My treadmills name is Freddy the Tready.  We are friends.  He has made some runs possible that otherwise would not have happened and I appreciate him. I decided every mile I would hop off and do the roman chair--10 straight leg lifts.  This just helps me think about 1 mile at a time.  I kept the clock going from start to finish--even when did the chair, and ran to bathroom. The 22 miles took 3:08:33.  I would not allow myself to go slower than 7 mph.  the first three and the last three miles I really wanted to go slower but I kept steady.  

I also wore compression socks. I have only worn them one other time, as part of our costume at the Disney Princess half marathon.  The week before i had a twinge of a calf cramp so I didn't want to experience that again.  As dorky as they look on me I think they really helped!!
I am now on the hunt for a nike pair to wear at the Chicago Marathon and The San Fran women's half.  I normally run in capris, but these socks seemed to help a ton and I felt great all day and the next day!

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day, however, hubbee and I hiked about 8-9 miles with our dogs.  I did jump in the alpine lake--my favorite type of icebath!  Monday was a yoga day (thank god!!) so I locked myself in the sewing room and worked on my pinwheel quilt.  The top is really coming together.  I am going to put gray strips in between each pinwheel and still need to figure out the backing and a binding fabric...
The two squares to the side will be pillows to coordinate with the quilt.  Also my fabric arrived for me to begin making my sister-in-law's bridal shower gift. She is really into retro/vintage things and likes one of a kind pieces. When I saw this in my BurdaStyle it screamed Jaclyn.  I ordered a white fabric with white dots, a black with white dots and red to make ruffles and trim.  She loves polka dots so I think she will like this ensemble.

I hope I can do it!  I have never made anything like this--requiring underwire, etc.  but it will be worth it to create a unique gift for her. I wasn't sure at first and hemmed and hawed and then that night she texted me a pic of the pool bag I made her for her sunday pool parties at the Valley Ho--and i took that as a sign that she will like this too! :)

So I am on the downward slope of training:  the taper.  I struggle with this part but am becoming very excited for both trips.  Also this sunday I am running a half marathon (Bozeman) and can't wait to race for fun--not stressing about time etc.  I want to do well--but there are no consequences/goals/etc.  

I am still amazed that I am going to be flown to San Fran for the Nike Women's Marathon.  I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MY #SISTERSINNIKE!!!!!!!  We are going to have an epic weekend!!  And I hope its one of many!!!