Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump DAAAAAAY! said the camel

This week training has been great!  Friday after work, hubbee and I ran a pretty hot and sweaty 3.2 miler, then I did my fourteen on saturday.  It was hot and i split it into two but i managed to run two fast 7 milers (sub 8's!). Then sunday Hubbee and I went down to our local park and ran The Bark In The Park.  it is a 5k benefit for our local animal shelter.  Wrigley also attended!  She and I came in second and I won a $25 gift certificate to the Bozeman Running company. (SCORE!!!)  
Wrigley was tired!!

Last night Hubbee, Cuz and I ran over the newly constructed bridge to a new trail.  it was 5.2 miles total and a GREAT run.  There is a quarter mile hill that we ran to and all raced up it, then ran back home. This run was the FARTHEST (furthest?) my Cuz has EVER run!!!  I am so happy to have another convert and since he is living with us for the time being, i have been fortunate enough to have a running buddy!! :)  And the big galloof is FAST!!
It was a gorgeous sight at the top of the hill.  THat is our sleeping giant.  Can you see the indian lying down?  profile of face?  That is also the smoke billowing up from the paradise valley.  There are four fires in our county alone, most counties in the state have some sort of burn occurring, very sad and scary.   

Friday night is the Night Owl Run, and also my aunt and uncle arrive from Florida (said cuz's rents! :)) we are all very close and I am soooo looking forward to their visit.  I am saddened by the smoke and fires, however, since you can't even see our beautiful mountains.

Saturday I am running 15 miles... i need to wake up early and get it done so i will have the full day to spend with the fam, or do it early sunday. 

Hope everyone's training is going well! Off to do some NTC!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more randoms...

It is almost time for the Night Owl Run... this is a great four mile event (so walkers are welcome!!) and it is done at night, this year Aug. 23.  THere is a surprise at the half way point (along with water and gatorade) and once you cross the finish line you can pick up your souvenir pint, fill it with brew and enjoy the barbecue!  You will also receive a tee shirt, glow in the dark bling, and we do random prizes so it is not just 1,2,3.  Along with all the stuff we offer the entrants, the entrants are helping raise funds for two scholarships, and several community organizations.  WIN WIN!!! :)

Some new house items have arrived:

The sofa and rug are new.  in the background is the box for the sleeper/settee that will go in sewing center, however it is now in a spare bedroom.

Ryan will be sleeping on that while his mom and dad are visiting.  good luck, cuz!
We have been floating the river quite a bit and had a fun campfire on saturday night with friends.
The indian paintbrush is just beginning to bloom.  There were only about three so I didn't want to pick them yet.  
A few weeks ago Adam was here for a visit.  it was great to see him... wish we all lived closer together.
Hope you enjoyed the random photo dump!! :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

EEEEK! it's been awhile... random catch up

I have been super busy.  I am sure most are this time of year.  I was so relieved to have the missoula marathon behind me, but had about 10 days where i took it relatively easy and had to jump back into training for the Smuttynose Marathon in the beginning of October.  We are still moving into the new house and beginning to finalize some details for the new studio.  I have been dreaming of a new space for several years, since I have really outgrown my current space.  However, having this empty space that I can do what I want has been a bit overwhelming.  This past week we made some progress.  The floor plan is dialed in! The flooring is ordered, bathroom items ordered, a tankless on-demand hot water heater ordered, etc.  I will be sure to post before and after pics.  

Also, our house is finally coming together.  The Hubbee has been working out of town during the week, and we have had plans that have taken us out of town almost every weekend, so finally last weekend we were able to make some headway.  I have ordered two new sofas; one for sewing center (it is also a sleep) and a beautiful charcoal gray for our living room.  The living/dining room has been painted, along with trim and I can't wait for the sofa to arrive!

Another random:  my cousin moved to Montana from Florida and he immediately said he wouldn't run... within 2-3 weeks he came on a 3 miler, and he then bought actual running Nikes!  We ran a super speedy 5k last night and he is going to run the Night Owl run (Aug 23--a fantastic festive fundraising event!!!).  Another convert!!! :)

now, back to the training... it has been half-hearted.  i am hitting all the workouts but it was really rough and mentally challenging to get them done... until last week.  Last week was the first run that actually felt good.  finally the bug is back.  i have pretty much been in training for almost a year and a half, so I think i am a bit burnt out.  After October races I am going to switch focus--i will always run, but I am keeping longer races off plan until hopefully the next summer.  The other piece is during the move, we were eating out a lot, and that takes it toll on me.  I have reigned that in and hopefully the feel-good running will continue.

how is everyone elses training?  for what races/events are you training?  Any suggestions of something not to forget to add to studio?