Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missoula Marathon

I know it has been forever since I posted... the move has taken its toll.  Plus summers in Montana are so short that every weekend seems to be a long weekend and we head out of town.  I am loving our new house.  The location is wonderful, the yard is fantastic (we barely had grass at our old house, lovely views but it was much more arid).  We have trees and flowers and privacy for being in town.  I have loved riding my bike everywhere and dogs love going on runs/rides too.  

The move landed right at the beginning of the taper portion of training (thank god because I would not have had time for long runs) but even the taper I cut most of runs in half due to time etc.  Hubbee has been working out of town so I had to do most of the unpacking and while working 10-12 hour days it left little time for runs.  I would take dogs on 2-3 milers but that was it.  I was so torn as to even attempt the marathon.  I thought about bagging it.  Another weekend out of town, how would my body handle it, my mental psyche?  But hubbee thought we should go and I should do it.  He reminded me of the personalized bib, and the long runs I did in preparation and what would make me feel worse, not doing it or doing it and not being fast?  

That is just it.  i was so torn.  do it for fun or would a slow time wreck my spirit?  My main goal first and foremost for fulls is to finish with a smile.  I don't want distance running (or running in general) to become something I no longer want to do, so i don't want to make it too miserable. don't get me wrong, I want to push myself and am okay going out of my comfort level, but I don't want to do that EVERY race/run.  Now for devil's advocate:  on the other hand, having a slower time, how would that mentally feel?  

Another goal i have had since I was a child was to be like the 92 year old lady that was in a Nike commercial.  So if I plan to be running for that long then not all races will be fast... simply keep running.  

So we headed to missoula.

Packet pickup/expo was fun and i bought a few things, this shirt being a new fave:
It is from the running club in Missoula, RunWild.  I just love it for the turtle! (DUH!) and it is the softest tee!

We also took my cuz to the skate park in Missoula (which is a really great one!).  He is really a great skater! I had no idea...

so i had resigned myself to simply enjoying the run... i ran sans gps and just had my ipod.  The Marathon begins at 6 am and they do fireworks beginning at 5 and every fifteen minutes through the start.  I was on a bus by 440.  We ate my tradition pre-race meal of sushi and went to bed early.  Hubbee was a great help by running to lobby to grab me some coffee and half a bagel.  I really appreciated that the hotel accommodated runners by beginning their breakfast extra early and we received gift bags that contained bottled water, protein bars, and some fruit.  I digress, the race...

There were a lot of Marathon Maniacs at this event--and they always inspire/amaze me.  It was fun to listen to all of their accomplishments on the bus ride to the start.  The race began and I just went slow and steady.  I chatted with a few women and that is part of what I love about the full--people chat.  It is pretty amazing to me the sense of camaraderie we all feel together on the course.  It is a unique feeling and I cherish it.  I was feeling pretty great and enjoying the gorgeous sunrise and the views.  the course is a very pretty course through the countryside then you run into the town and there are lots of spectators and residents put their sprinklers on the curbs which helps so much! The temperatures were rising quickly sunday.  I saw Hubbee and Cuz and Amy around mile ten:
There are plenty of aid stations along the course which I also appreciate.  I brought my shot bloks ( I ate two at mile 9 and then had half a gu at mile 15). I alternated gatorade and water sips at the stops, until mile 23 where i made a near disastrous mistake.  I put my water into the larger gatorade cup and CHUGGED it.  I don't know why, feeling the heat? but within 3 minutes I had a SEVERE cramp at my rib, left side just under my chest.  I had my arm over heard and couldn't even catch my breath.  It was beginning to feel like an asthma attack and then i began to panic a bit.  I slowed to a walk and applied pressure while keeping left arm overhead to stretch.  I was mentally kicking myself for chugging that much fluid so fast.  Rookie mistake and I know better.  I began to finally catch my breath and knew Hubbee would be on the next block.  I gave him the thumbs down from a few hundred feet away and he came running over. Knowing he was there was relief, as in I am not going to die alone, and I could feel the tears again and the lump in my throat.  he walked with me two blocks and offered to walk the rest of the way, I was contemplating getting in the car.  Then as suddenly as that cramp came on, my mind shifted and i told Hubbee I would see him at the finish, I wanted to simply get this thing finished.  From that point I didn't stop at any of the other aid stations and even managed to kick it over the bridge through the finish.

I tossed my sneakers immediately after the race.  I had tied them a smidge too tight and they were shot.  No worries--new lunarglides in a box at home!! :)  I love my flyknits but I think they are great for a half but I like the cushion of the glides for the full distance.  

I was so conflicted at the end of this race.  I was happy it was done.  I don't necessarily feel that is a positive... but I did find some positives:  i felt great through 23, and felt great after my mishap, I only had to pee once at beginning (nerves?), and my body felt great other than that cramp (legs felt good, no chaffing, etc).  I felt like I was perfectly fueled and dressed right for temps/distance etc.  So I have certain things dialed in and that feels good.  By the way I wore skirt, compression socks, long sleeve run top and sports bra and I received SOOOOOO many compliments on my skirt!! :)  It was super comfy to run in--stayed in place, felt covered and I think it is flattering and they have awesome colors and patterns.  The compliments cracked me up because I brought my three fave long run outfits and Hubbee kept saying, "it's not a fashion show!" Hello!!  i am a girl--it's always a fashion show!!!  :)

I had run a trail run three weeks ago that was at 6200-8200 feet on the CDT, 9 miles.  It poured rain, cold, wind, etc.  It was the first time I finished a run (not even a race--a run) and thought, I probably shouldn't have done that.  I never want to have that feeling again.  And I was scared I did damage etc.  I did NOT want to feel that way after the marathon, and i feel fortunate that I didn't.  I was up walking around a half hour after the mary and was able to enjoy the rest of the day with our friends.  for all of this I am thankful and feel that at least it ended on a good note.  And I was able to finish with a smile.

Have you ever hit the wall?  did you come out okay on the other side?


Cuz and I painted over the walls that had hideous sponge paint that looked like smeared baby poop.  I chose a light gray for three walls and a pale aqua for the fourth wall.  It makes the room so much brighter and cleaner looking!

Next up is painting the trim white and convincing hubbee we need this charcoal gray couch i am in LOOOOOOVE!

some side notes:  
TeamTurtlez is heading to san fran this october to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon!! woot woot!  And next up is the Smuttynose Marathon that I will be running with my aunt @marlyw and cuz @neilsir and hubbee and bestie are running the half and possibly uncle-so that will be a blast!!