Wednesday, January 30, 2013

its been a while...

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been logging a lot of miles and sewing a ton! :)  It has been a great few weeks. I have to do two long runs to hit my goal of 100 miles this month--but I think I can do it!  
I have a half marathon Feb 23 and another one on Mar 16.  The one in February I will be racing--however I am sure it will be icy/sketchy conditions.  The one in March I will look at as a long run.  It is a fun pub run.  

I registered for the Missoula Marathon!!!!  I was having such a difficult time deciding which races to do this year, but Missoula is a fun place to go to for the weekend and i don't have to fly/drive all day etc.  So logistically this race won.  It is a fantastic event, well organized, great course support, fun expo scenic.  It really has it all so it made the decision easier. We have great friends in Missoula and it is always fun to spend time with them too.

I have been lusting after the runfinity scarf at Oiselle, but it sells out very fast.  On Saturday am the lightbulb went on (finally!!) as I was looking around my sewing center I saw that I had a fun black and white chevron knit-DUH make your own!  I decided to use my serger since essentially you are sewing a looooooong straight seam and this makes fast work of that.  It came together so quickly--I ended up making 9! I put one of each on my Etsy site for purchase.

The last three are made with a very soft/lightweight cotton lawn.  These are so fun and easy to make and I think will make excellent gifts--scarves are always in style.

Last night Hubbee and I spend two hours putting together an elliptical.  I used to have one but it was loud, seemed to wide for me and was GIANT so i barely used it and ended up giving it to a friend.  This winter has been quite cold, windy and I don't do great running in the dark around our house (those of you that are close know of my RATIONAL fear of mountain lions--i have seen 6+) so my anxiety hits an all time high and that really zaps my energy. I though the elliptical would be a great cross training piece and something I could do at home--I don't spend much time at home :/ Also I am hoping maybe Hubbee will use it.  I used it for about 10 minutes last night since we finished putting it together at 10:30 and it feels GREAT.  The stride is so much better than the old one and its quiet.  

Where is everyone at with there resolutions/goals?  How is everyone feeling about the year 2013?  I feel it will be busy, but busy with some exciting things: races, sister in law's wedding, travel back to east coast (aaauuuuuuhhhuuuhhhh--angels singing!).

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I can't be stopped!!

First off, I am quite sore from yesterday's Tabata.  But, that soreness feels good.  Tomorrow is a longish run day and hopefully that will help work some of this soreness out.  It is still quite cold and snowing here so I have spent most of my day indoors.  It was fun to play around in my sewing center!!  I listened/watched "How I met your mother" and I needed/wanted to make a camera strap cover for my new camera so I made one:

Since they are so easy to make, I made three to post in my Etsy shop that has been VERY neglected.  I made two like this one I made for myself and one with a fun Amy Butler fabric.  I love Amy Butler fabrics!!  i tend to covet my Amy Butler fabrics and only use for SPECIAL gifts or items.

Next up: I need to begin working on the ensemble I am going to make for my sister in law... I have a feeling it is way beyond my skill set so I want to have plenty of time.  

I also ordered items to make hair fascinators for bridesmaids in s.i.l. wedding.  I am wicked excited about these--I have wanted to have somewhere to wear one to, and now I do/will!! :)

Hope everyone is having a fun productive weekend and reaching their FUELBAND goals!! :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tabata Today

I did a Tabata inspired workout today, about an hour and a half ago and my triceps are still zinging and it is challenging to type.  So I figured I would share the workout!! You know, misery likes company and all that...

For those of you that don't know Tabata is a series of short intense bursts and then a short rest.  You can do this on the treadmill too--it is killer and they say comparable to a 40 minute cardio session completed in under ten!  I like to use it as a warm up or a challenge at the end of a session or to break up a long run.  I will post a Tabata treadmill workout after I describe the workout I did today.

I did a warm up (of course!) that consisted of calf and toe raises, high knees, butt kicks, arm circles, lunge dips, squats and plies.  Then, using the stopwatch setting on the iPhone, I performed 8 sets of each exercise, 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, a total of 4 minutes/exercise.

1.  Plank seesaw in a forearm plank position, keeping butt low, working through ankles push forward and back.  shoulders will scream.

2.  Squats keep the weight in your heels and lower your butt down and back--knees NOT going over ankles/toes.  keep chest lifted, don't round the back.  

3.  bicep curls keep elbows close to sides and curl palms all the way up and then control the lower all the way down to where you engage the tricep--this works the bicep efficiently and provides a stretch. 

4.  side kicks alternate legs kicking out to the sides, push through the heels and keep knee and toes facing forward, not turned up towards the ceiling.  Move quickly, yet with control.

5.  pelvic bridges or hamstring curls on a ball 

6. Tricep extensions overhead grasp a weight and lower it behind your head, keep elbows close to the sides of your head and straighten arms/weight towards the ceiling, then lower--keep those elbows in--this protects the shoulders.

7.  wide leg deadlifts with feet further than shoulder width apart, bend forward at the hips, keeping back FLAT.  Then stand all the way back up and squeeze your glutes at the top.

8.  bent over rows feet shoulder width apart, go about halfway into a squat and keeping spine neutral, arms are reaching forward then pull elbows behind you keeping hands wide. it is as though you are trying to touch the elbows behind you, then straighten arms forward.

9.  wide pushups keep body in a plank and hands are wide apart and should be level with your chest as you lower--they shouldn't be up by your shoulders.

So as i said, 20 sec of work, 10 seconds rest 8 times.  The first two sets feel easyish, then it becomes challenging to go the 20 seconds but push yourself--you can do anything for 20 seconds!!  Choose your weight accordingly.  And don't become sloppy with your form!!!!!

A treadmill Tabata workout that I do frequently is as follows:

2 minute warm up jog (whatever easy jog pace is for you)
20 seconds at a sprint (serious sprint where you almost need to hold on and you feel as though you may fly off the back! push yourself--this is fast and furious) then jump on the rails for 10 seconds.  Repeat 8 times and then 2 minutes of cool down jog or walk.  8 minutes total and they say comparable to 40 minutes of regular cardio!!  But you have to really push yourself to reap those benefits...


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Second week into New year... where are we at?

So we are in the second week of the new year.  how is everyone doing with goals/resolutions?  has anyone added races to their calendar?  I hope everyone has registered for the NWM10k that is to be run on March 9th or 10th.  That gives everyone two months to prepare, even if starting off the couch.  It is $40 and you receive a tee.  $10 of your registration fee goes to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society--a worthy cause.  You can find the registration 

I am also running the Snow Joke half marathon in Feb.  I am still trying to determine my marathon(s).  For logistics, I may do the Missoula in July.  It is fun, efficient, beautiful.  I would really like to do Chicago again, but it is so expensive to fly, take off work, etc. and I traveled a lot for races last year.  I am leaning towards Missoula and hoping we get in for NWM2013!!! :)  If not, maybe I will then do the vegas marathon?  The reviews on that, however, are not great...  I am contemplating the Portland Marathon again as well.  I loved that race.  I feel, however, that I should try new events.  I also want to PR so sea level helps too... ??? thoughts? suggestions?

We are also traveling for my sister-in-laws wedding at the end of april--so several of the races that were on my radar have to stay there for this year.  For example, I want to do the Whidby Island one, it looks gorgeous.  

We may head to Tempe for the Skirt Sports skirt chaser in feb.  we can stay at sister-in-laws and alegiant air is cheap!! :) We ran this race in Denver the first year they had it and we had a blast!  it was great.  They have a fun "block party" post race and great swag bags.
Here we are pre-race:(i have black visor)
That year the registration had several options and i went big and chose the skirt, top and visor.  Plus the bag had socks, stickers, bars, drink tickets, energy drinks etc.  

I am also looking at a Spartan race in May.  has anyone done this event?  I am not worried about the running part, it's only 4 miles, but some of the obstacles look tough!! But iIt looks fun.

We have been doing some xcountry skiing which is excellent cross training for me.  It was a lovely day at Bohart ranch Sunday:

I used the self-timer on my camera and had to ski back to the group--I didn't think that through so well--I could have had them scoot up!!! :)

This week is 3.5 miler(yesterday) NTC, speed work (today), more NTC, yoga, and a longish run saturday. There is a new stretch sesh on NTC with Kara Goucher--it looks awesome!! Check it out!
I hope everyone is sticking to their goals/training plans and feeling successful!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tips for a successful 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration, whether large or small.  I know this time of year lots of folks want to make some major life changes, often involving fitness/diet.  I hope if you are one of those peeps, you will commit to the change and won't peter out after a few shorts weeks.  Whatever I can do to help support--let me know!! :)

I thought I would give a few tips on how to stick to some of these changes/resolutions/goals/etc.

1.  FOOD LOG  There are so many amazing apps you can use on your phone or simply use the good old fashioned notebook.  whichever you choose--USE IT!! I prefer the app: Myfitnesspal.  it allows you to use on phone or computer and it is a wealth of info and very easy to use and has a great database for foods/drinks and activities.  If you have been working out and not seeing/feeling changes then you most definitely need to work on what you are putting in your body.  Losing weight is 75% nutrition.  You can exercise all you want but if you are eating mindlessly then you will not succeed.

2.  If you haven't done so yet--do it NOW--download Nike Training Club app. AMAZING!!  again, super user friendly.  All levels can benefit from this amazing FREE app.  it requires minimal equipment and yet you will gain amazing results.  

3.  Schedule your workouts like you would any other serious appointment.  You can not be a good spouse/mother/daughter/friend/etc if you are not taking care of yourself.  you deserve this time to improve the quality of your life.  And we all know how exercise makes us feel better--so wouldn't your family/partner/co-workers want you to take the time so that the time they are around you, you are in a better mood?
For example: today I have a 3 mile run and 30 min NTC planned.  I can't wait!!   Tomorrow I have a 4 mile run and NTC 45 min Leah Kim yoga.  Friday is intervals and saturday is 7 miles.  Sometimes these will have to change, but for the most part one is more likely to get it done if they have planned their time accordingly.

4.  If you have a workout scheduled and you are not feeling it--try to go for at least ten minutes.  If after ten minutes you still want to throw in the towel, fine.  But more than likely once you eke out those ten minutes, you will want to finish what you started.  

5.  Schedule a rest day.  Your body needs this in order to get stronger.  it needs the time to heal/mend/repair/improve.  If you are not giving yourself a rest day or two (not more than that!!) you are increasing the odds of injury or illness.  If you are afraid you will take one day off and it will turn into a week than plan on a leisurely walk.  

6.  No CHEAT DAYS!!!!  I am not one for depriving myself of foods.  I just am not a fan of CHEAT DAY.  Consuming whatever you want for an entire day is ridiculous--it can sabotage your whole week.  In the words of Tony Horton, have a cheat snack.  And while we are on the subject, DON'T REWARD YOURSELF WITH FOOD.  This is dicey territory and makes one become obsessed with the whole deprivation mind set.  Reward yourself with a pedicure (us runners have some ugly feet!!) or with new workout gear.  New workout clothing will help to motivate you.

Most importantly, if you fall off your wagon, don't berate yourself.  Simply start again.  Look at what made you fall off--try not to set yourself up for failure.