Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wonky blocks and wonky training

I am trying something way out of my comfort level with sewing.  These wonky blocks are a great way to use scraps, but they are so random, I wasn't sure if I could do it.  I cut out my center pieces and then began randomly sewing the "straws" (that is apparently what they call the skinny strips) around the centers and then you square up the block to whatever size you wish.  I decided 6.5" since that is the template I have. 

I am loving these!!  Even though it is random, which I don't normally like, these are fun.  And I am going to do a border around each block that will add some uniform and cohesiveness to the project.  I am glad I stepped outside of my comfort level with these.  Plus it is a great way to use scraps of my favorite fabrics.

Now onto wonky training... I am not currently in training (about ten days until it starts).  I have, however been trying to do cardio and strength at least five days per week.  It has been going well. I also am stepping outside of my comfort zone with offering a group class each week.  Last week only one person showed, but it was a blast!  we did a killer circuit and three days later my lats still feel it!  

I think it is important to try new things, get a bit uncomfortable.  You may discover/unlock some new potential!

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