Tuesday, June 12, 2012

aw yaaaaaa

The plan has arrived.  I am so stoked to begin--however not for about two weeks.  The first week is our vacation--i am nervous because the monday run I may have to do back and forth 1/4 mile jaunts... we are floating the Smith River which is permit only access on private land--so the campsites have strict boundaries... I will make it happen.
This experience is still surreal to me--I grin from ear to ear every time I am thinking about this amazing opportunity.  so very cool.  I can't thank Nike enough--honestly--I want to make them proud!! :)

No for sad news:  we lost yet another softball game.  Hubbee has forced me onto this team.  we are terrible--have yet to win and usually lose by a lot.  I don't really care about losing--I thought it was more for fun, however some teams take it waaaaaay more serious than others.  (and when I say waaaaaaay i mean they have pinch base runners, etc--lame--come on if you can't run your own bases in adult league--why are you playing? Cripes--that's the one thing I can do--RUN!! :))  The anxiety level is PRETTY high during these games--I really don't know what the heck I am doing... I mostly manage to get on base, and I have made some decent catches but I don't enjoy it.  People heckle etc.  weird.  I don't have heckling in me--I am telling the other team, "nice hit!".  So for all of this anxiety inducing, I feel as though the hubbee owes me a half marathon... This softball goes through august.  Anyone everyone agreed?

Today I also experienced my first Zumba class.  It was very fun--not that I was much better at that than the softball--but at least everyone was positive and the teacher was so into it and fun.  She even messed up a bit but was so non-challant about it--it was great.  I only have two classes left to teach--and figures--today I think was the breakthrough day with the students... I was so looking forward to the end but today they were wonderful!!  At least I will be ending on a good note (i hope)!


  1. You totally will make it happen because you are determined!! Can't wait to hear about your run. I haven't tried Zumba but my TRX coach also coaches zumba and he loves it. I know lots of people who do, but I am not a dancer lol.

    1. I am sooooooo not a dancer! That is why I love running--one foot in front of the other--and yet I have managed to mess that up too from time to time! But Zumba was still fun--the music, the energy, it was good.