Monday, June 11, 2012

Today is the day I am supposed to receive my training plan for the Chicago Marathon and San Francisco Half from Marie Purvis.  I am so excited to see what  she has lined out for me.  This will be my first marathon following a plan that includes Nike Training Club (which i will refer to from here on out as NTC).  I am looking forward to the variety.  
Trying to keep my mind off the empty mailbox I have been attempting to do some sewing.

So far i have made these three headbands.  These are great to make when you need some instant gratification since they whip up in about 4 minutes.

I want to make a fun summery dress to bring to Chicago in white eyelet, however, my brain is racing and I don't trust myself to cut the material when I am like this!! :/

I also have been wanting to make a Pinwheel quilt following the tutorial from V and Co.  Now i need help choosing the charm pack to go with white:

The one that does NOT have a moda wrap around is a selection of Amy Butler fabrics.  She is one of my favorite fabric designers.  I am leaning towards that one.  The "good fortune" i may make a pinwheel throw with gray as the solid... any thoughts?


  1. I want one of those headbands, they are so cute!!!

    1. I am working a surprise for the #SistersInNike ;)