Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring? Not here...

last week's training was rough.  Each run felt like I was full of lead.  I tried hydrating, drank Nuun, fueling properly, stretching, warming up... everything I knew to do was not working.  Yesterday was a 6 miler (i thought it was 9 all week but apparently looked at the wrong week).  I only did 5.25.  I had to do all my itemizations for taxes and spent the a.m. on the computer and working on them.  After about 4 hours I hopped in the shower and then went to meet our tax guy.  Then I went for my run.  no fuel.  I bonked out HARD!!  So I came home and ate and then later did 4 miles on the elliptical to make up for the .75 mile i shorted myself.

Today I woke up and there were several inches of snow on the ground and it was 19 degrees outside and with the windchill a lovely -3. Today was a 5 miler on the books and after yesterday I was nervous.  And then my mind goes to the crazy place:  why am I stressing over 5 miles?  if I can't run 5 (or 6) how am I going to run a marathon?!  since we are in the middle of a typical spring in Montana, I opted for the treadmill.  I put the incline at 2 and ran between 7 and 7.6 mph and FINALLY it felt FANTASTIC!!!!  It has been about 3-4 weeks since a run has felt good.  Sad as that is that is where i have been.  It certainly feels great to be back!!  

Last week I was trying to update my phone and had to delete everything and in the process lost all of my minutes on NTC.  I was at 6660... so now I am working on a comeback in that department too.  I must say I am loving the new Serena Williams workout and Lakey Peterson's beach leg workout.  Both are new with the update and are fantastic.

I think I was mentally stressed out the past few weeks with all that has been going on and I was anxious about the start of marathon training.  I am nervous about the possible sale of our house, etc.  I needed this run today.  What do you do to get your head back in the game? to stay focused? 

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