Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Party

We had a goofy Halloween/Dance party saturday night.  Hubbee and I dressed up like a bride and groom via day of the dead and cuz was Si from Duck Dynasty.  His likeness was a tad unsettling for me to look at.
We had a TON of food and some silly decorations.  Lots of spiders and bats and candles all over.

Several people had those contacts in that make your pupils look crazy--i found them hard to look at!  i can't get too crazy with the gross factor with food or I won't be able to eat it... what can i say, i am a wimp. Si had his nephew Jace and wife Missy show up to the party!! :)  And another couple (last pic they were dancing) were disgruntled bobcat/griz fans.  This is the biggest rivalry in Montana (the two state schools) and their make up was GREAT!

it was a fun night and i appreciate everyone in costume, the nibbles others brought and the dancing!! :) 

I am not going to lie, however, i am partied out.  I have been on the go all summer and then with the trips this month i am looking forward to a more chill weekend where I can continue unpacking etc.  We still have not had a weekend where we haven't had company and/or cuz with us.  

On the workout front:  i have been spinning a lot and strength training and doing the reformer at least every other day.  i am taking a hiatus from being in training for running long distance.  I of course will be running local 10ks etc. but my next registered run is the yellowstone half marathon in June.  i am sure there will be a few more halves in there... but we will see.

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