Saturday, October 12, 2013

7th Marathon Handled!

7th Marathon Handled!!!  

I know it wasn't my fastest, however going into it uncertain as to whether I would even finish it--i am happy.  Plus it was so awesome to run with my aunt and cousin and know hubbee and bestie were on the course kicking butt at the half.  My aunt and cousin ran their first full and did AMAZING!  This was also Hubbee's first half and Charity's third this year! 
After packet pick up we went to the arcade.  Luc was hilarious and barely able to contain himself:

My uncle Paul cooked us a fabulous pre race dinner of chicken parm:

The weather was rainy, windy and chilly, but once we began running, we were plenty warm.  There were plenty of aid stations on the course.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many spectators since the weather was less than ideal for standing around.  
There we are on the course!  around mile 24... staying strong.  My aunt (blue) just started running a few years ago and is quite inspiring!! :)

Once we crossed the finish the crappy weather really set in.  We were shivering, muscles seizing up, etc.  Even though the band sounded great we bailed on the after party.  We took our lobster rolls to go and headed back to the cottage.  My only complaint about the entire race was that spectators weren't allowed in after party area.  Had the weather been better it would have been great to celebrate our victories with our beers and sandwiches and our supporters.

The rest of our vacation we had stellar weather--low 80s!  it was remarkable.  Hubbee went fishing a few times with my uncle and cousin:

We had a great visit with our family and lucked out with the weather.  

This thursday Team Turtlez heads to San Fran for the Nike women's half!!!  Can't wait!  

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