Thursday, February 6, 2014

loving the new studio!

I am LOVING the new studio.  and with these arctic temps, the dogs are enjoying it too.  We have been doing obedience sessions in there, playing fetch, hide and seek, etc.  It is way too cold for them to be outside for more than several minutes.  

Now that the studio is complete, i have jumped back on the training wagon and it feels GREAT!  I am a bit sore today, but in a good way.  

Also, I am looking forward to making a few items to wear on our trip to hawaii.  I made a cute swimsuit so far, and beach cover up, and need to finish a cover up for sister in law... but I want to make some skirts and/or dresses.  I hate shorts so probably will skip those.  Any recommendations on tutorials online?

well off to work.  It is crazy that I simply sprint across the yard!! :)  In these temps, i am quite thankful i don't have to get in a frozen vehicle!

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