Sunday, February 2, 2014

At last! Studio completed!!

I have been working out of a less than 400 square foot studio for just over ten years.  I would move the massage table, then roll in the reformer or bring out the free weights, etc.  Part of the deal with moving was that I would get a new studio.  So this summer, we moved from out of town, to the edge of town and to a house that had a giant shop in the back.  My husband has been working just about every spare minute since mid October to have this completed by the end of January.  We couldn't have done it without our dear friend, Mike, and my father in law, Larry and several other favors called in.  Walking around the studio, taking these photos this afternoon was surreal.  I still feel as though I have to go to that tiny studio... but I DON'T!!! :)  I have felt so lucky to be able to do something I love and make a decent living at it, especially in our small community.  Now to have the work space of my dreams is amazing.  Not gonna lie, I cried.  Even as I type, a lump is right there.  I don't want to be the girl crying during the superbowl, so here are some pics!
This new space is almost four times the size of my old studio.  I have the dedicated massage room, full bathroom with a shower, plus a separate entrance from house side of yard with a private hallway and utility room with washer/dryer/dog washing station.  

I am so excited for the climbing wall--it was fun to knock the dust of my climbing shoes and goof off.  My husband constructed the doors himself.  He used re-claimed corrugated metal from an old lumber mill that he also used on lower part of wall and at the exterior entry.  The flooring is cork and it is warm and feels great to walk/jump around on it. We kept one of the garage doors and in the warmer weather it can be opened.  

Now that this is completed, I am excited to get back to hitting the gym hard, especially since we are heading to Hawaii... After tonight's superbowl (go broncos!) I will hit the treadmill and do some #NTC! :)  Can't wait!

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