Sunday, March 12, 2017

fun run and exciting sewing!!

Yesterday was the Run to the Pub in Bozeman.  And one friend couldn't make it due to weather, and another friend decided last minute to take her spot!  So friday night i whipped up a sparkly skirt for her to wear as well since she said she didn't have any green to wear.

The second one went much faster and without issues.  The first one, my needle was getting gummy stuff on it (glue from sequins) and thus breaking the thread.  This time i noticed if i sewed a bit slower the glue didn't build up (i don't know why that was), and thus no thread breaking and time consuming rethreading/detangling etc.  so the gathering went faster and over all it was just smoother sailing than the first attempt.  Which was great, because by friday night my brain is mush.  

We left livingston, and it was 18 degrees and socked in.  It felt very humid.  As we went over the pass, and into bozeman it warmed to 40 and kept climbing, and was sunny.  And CALM.  This was such a nice reprieve from our livingston winds.  I had no time goal for the race, just to keep it easy and feel out this hamstring.  And Tara, she thought she would walk most of it and she ran it in its entirety!!!  woohoo!!!  The event is very fun and there is a block party after where you can have your free cupcake and beer(s) etc. but it was awfully crowded and beer was the last thing i wanted, so we went for sushi (always a win!).  All in all, the event was EXCELLENT! 
Potty Line Pic!
I gave Tara one of the bows i made too.

I have been wanting to make these Birkin Flares forever (seriously for a few years) and finally last weekend i cut out the denim!  And the rivets, thread, buttons etc arrived that i ordered from Taylor Tailors (excellent source!).  So now these are ready for assembly.  However, last night i worked on a bit of my paper piecing for an IG swap, but then had to finish up tax prep.  i have a few CHORES to do then hopefully back to the sewing center for me! And yoga later.  

All of the bits for the Birkin Flares!  I am so happy there is a sew along to follow.  That is the only reason i was brave enough to attempt these.  i have a fun idea for my top stitching on the back pockets... now i hope i can implement it!

Anyone else run a pub run this weekend? 

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