Monday, March 27, 2017

two weekend workouts

I did two great workouts this weekend so I thought i would share in case anyone wants to change something up and try them.

On Saturday I warmed up on the spin bike for 5 miles.  Then i performed the following circuit 5x:

treadmill at 6 degree incline, 7 mph for .25 miles
10 burpees with tricep push up and single arm row from plank position with 10# db
10 leg press 15 plates
10/leg ham curl 2 plates
10 leg extensions 3 plates
10 of each/leg adductor and abductor cable 1.5 plates

then a one mile flat cool down.

This went by quickly and was fun do to the variety.

Sunday i also did a 5 mile spin warm up alternating sitting and standing each minute.

Then the workout:

1 mile easy paced (7 mph), 1 min of walking lunges with weighted bar
repeat for 3 rounds

40 min on the reformer and pilates mat work.

I love circuits.  They keep me motivated and focused.  And since they are short bursts of a variety of exercises, i can easily wrap my mind around the circuit.  They can also be done with little or no equipment, so no excuses to skip a workout!

The pilates felt great on the hammies, my left is still not quite right but definitely improving.  And i always love the core work pilates provides.  

I also did quite a bit of sewing this weekend too!  My sew jo seems to be returning.  I think it helped having a friend come over for a sew night, i had to tidy up my sewing center.  I will post pics next post of current projects! :)  

Any goals or events coming up? projects? 

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