Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chicago Marathon

I left bozeman on a wednesday and just beat the snow. phew.  Wednesday afternoon i met Marie Purvis and Renisha James for coffee and a chat.  I was so nervous to meet Marie.  I have met a lot of famous people from rockstars to actors etc and I think I was more nervous to meet Marie.  She was so sweet and positive and normal!! :)  And Renisha is just a sweet heart too.  She is a warm and fuzzy person from right off the bat.  

Thursday Pops and I went sailing and it was actually too windy.  Seems like an oxymoron but its true--all the boats were coming in under motor power or with just the jib sail.  Lake Michigan is gorgeous aqua in color and still pretty warm for October. 

Friday was the day Britton and Sonya arrived and the day to pick up our packets.  This was B's first marathon and my 5th.  We had fun at the expo and I was glad we went Friday to beat the crowds. 

We then met up with friends for dinner. I began my carb loading with some delicious lobster mac and cheese.
when I was in Chicago in June-this was the exact same face Mason made in pics.

Saturday was a rest day--try to stay off the legs etc.  We had some amazing sushi for dinner and relaxed most of the day.  We had to leave the house at 5 am to be sure we made it to the start on time.  So we woke at 330 so we could eat adn have coffee etc.  Then it was OFF TO THE RACE!

For the number of people that ran the Chicago it is handled so efficiently.  There are so many supporters, spectators, aid stations, portapotties, etc.  We began our race conservatively.  staying at our goal pace.  This was hard because the crowd and spectators really pumps you up and motivates you to  GO! But I wanted to make sure I had enough steam to finish strong and stay my path.  At the half we were feeling good so we picked it up a bit.  At mile 16 I grabbed a water and looked up to thank the volunteer and it was Renisha!  It was so random and really boosted my spirits.  Between mile 20-21 Britton had to take a few walk breaks but he would catch back up, then between 22-23 he fell behind.  I picked it up.  I knew even if I walked the last 2-3 miles I would still pr but I was feeling great so i steadily increased my speed and my last mile was my fastest and it was an uphill finish!!  It felt great though--I rallied up that hill and smiled through the finish. I had a huge grin the last three miles knowing that my goal was going to be met.  

Once you crossed the line, however, you walked and walked and walked then walking became shuffling and finally i had to sit on the pavement.  it was forever to reach the post race party zone.  I drank a gatorade and then finally ambled to the meeting spot.  Soon enough Britton appeared!  He ran an incredible first marathon!! Stayed strong for a long time and is already planning to run another one!! :)

I was so ecstatic to see my twitter handle on the #ownchicago billboard.  That was such a great bonus to an already awesome race.  I finished 3:55.  i was so happy to have sub four and I finished strong and know that I could push it a bit more from the start.  I believe the NTC really helped.  The plan Marie gave us definitely worked.

Chicago Marathon is a great one--I know why people go nuts over it.  I hope to do it again.

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