Monday, October 29, 2012

im baaaack!

I couldn't do a blog post last week due to the fact that our house is an electrical suck and the same night my laptop charger fritzed out so did the computer in our new oven and also something involving the water softener system.  Even though I am married to an electrician i am sticking with the word "fritzed" as being an actual electrical term.  

I am trying to run2-4 miles/day and do 150 min of NTC/week.  I need to find another race (other than the veteran's day 5 miler and the huffing for stuffing 10k) so I can put some goals other than "don't gain weight" on the books.  I actually have dropped a few pounds post races and my body fat percentage is at 18 so I am okay with that for now... I need something other than body sort of stuff to on which to focus.  Any suggestions?!?!  Anyone ever run the RNR Phoenix?

I am also missing my #SistersInNike and our twitter chatter--although we are trying hard and so far so good.  We are still encouraging one another with goals and NTC minutes!  I feel so lucky to have met these women--they are motivated, positive, and fun!! :)

I am open to suggestions for goals etc.  Also, next week is the #TwitterRoadRace 10k!! :)

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