Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am not dressing up today.  Are you?  I will be dressing up on saturday for a fun Halloween Party.  I will post pics on that later!!  Can you guess what I am going to dress up as?  I dont think anyone will be able to guess.  I also hope that people won't recognize me in my costume... however they probably will be able to by association of the people around me.  

Maybe today I should dress up as "sporty spice"?  Unfortunately it has been a nickname since the girl glam band emerged... I have also been likened to the olson twins--I will own the sporty spice.  At least that is appropriate.  

I hope everyone gets in a great workout/run today and doesn't over do it on the candy!!!!  This is the start of the holidays and it doesn't all have to revolve around food.  That is one positive to living in the boonies--I don't buy halloween candy--no trick or treaters.  For a few years I made bags for the five children down the road, but they are all teens now and go to town for the festivities.  

Everyone stay safe and stay on task with your goals!  Keep your eye on the prize!

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