Sunday, December 23, 2012

I MET TONY HORTON worked out and survived!!

This weekend is yet another one for the record books.  I feel like 2012 was so amazing and had such wonderful opportunities I don't know whether I should feel sad/nervous about 2013 or excited for what possibly may be coming down my path?!?!  On Friday Sunny and I set out for Big Sky resort for a weekend of several workouts/lectures with Tony Horton.  

Now for a back story.  I have never done P90x workouts and Sunny owns just about everything issued by Beach Body Fitness but she too has limited experience with the actual workouts.  So, needless to say we were nervous.  I know I am in respectable shape.  I know I am not average when it comes to my own self motivation.  I have been this way since I was a child.  I have always loved to move.  It is a lifestyle for me and I work very hard to keep it this way.  Because of my philosophy I have always scoffed at the P90x theory because what the heck do you do after 90 days??? And so many people were beginning the program, that I think weren't at that level to do as such, and petered out after a week or so.  I planned on attending this event in Big Sky to support Sunny.  She has been to many of my races, taken amazing pics, cheered me on, and driven my sweaty sore ass around so I was happy to do it.

I wasn't expecting to fall in love with Tony.


His philosophy is exactly like mine.  Variety, challenging, 5-7 days/week, some days are better than others, food is fuel, etc.  "Aging is for idiots" was repeated throughout the weekend--and with how great he looks and amazingly fit he is--I am staying on this bus!!!!

But what I found the most endearing was how he didn't double take or have the bulging eyed look that some have when they hear/see Sunny is about to do some physical feat.  She is overweight but still has a level of fitness and her military background has a lot to do with her gumption.  I was so pleasantly surprised when Tony treated her EXACTLY like everyone else.  The entire group and Tony's team were all so welcoming and encouraging--it really made for a fantastic group setting.  Normally I am sooooo not a fan of groups.  But this was seriously a blast.  The workouts we did were actually quite similar to NTC but without weights.  It was challenging but fun.  Tony is silly and realistic and a bit goofy.  I imagined more of a drill Sargent style--but that was not at all how it was. PHEW!  He made himself and team available for questions, pictures, etc.  It was really a unique experience. 

I feel as though this put a little fire under Sunny's ass.  She is doing the work, now is going to work on her eating.  Tony has a meal plan system ,"Tony's Kitchen" that actually seems decent.  It is real food, no preservatives, etc.  Sunny was able to do these workouts and didn't have swelling that she used to struggle with and residual pain for days that made it impossible to stick to any routine.
We also skied on Sunday.  At first Sunny was done.  She found a chair and I went up the lift to take a solo run.  By the time I hopped off the lift my phone buzzed--she wanted to try again.  This hill wasn't beating her.  See--She has so much gumption--and its infectious!! :)

So we skied a few successful runs and decided to end on a good note and call it a day.

I am so proud of Sunny for going waaaaaay out of her comfort zone in so many aspects this weekend. And I can't thank Tony and his team enough for such fun times!! :)  My calves are yelping a bit but it feels goooooooood!! :)

It was a memorable weekend and a wonderful way to start off the holiday/my birthday week!  36 here I come baby!! :)

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