Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre Holiday Week!! :)

I have been a busy lady!! I would love to post pics but  few people might then see their christmas presents so i will have to post after the holiday.  But I must say I have been quite prolific... :)

It has been quite busy at my studio too. So my runs have been consisiting of 2 miles here, 2 miles there, a mile before leaving, etc.  I also have been doing some cross country skiing which has been a great alternative to running and Wrigley seems to love it.

I hope every one is enjoying this time of year, even though it seems to be shrouded with tragedy.  My heart goes out to these horror stricken communities.  

How is everyone else fitting workouts in during this busy season?  i need to finish wrapping some gifts to stuff into a priority mail box!!  Hopefully pics soon! :)

I did receive my workout ensemble from PV Body.  You sign up, take a quiz and they send you a top and bottom each month that are normally valued at $150 total.  You pay 49.99.  There are some discount codes floating around though, so search for one--I used one from @YogaEatRun and I only pay 39.95.  I received gray capris with very flattering seams and a super soft black technical tee.  I was hesitant about whether i thought they were worth the mula, but I wore them yesterday and was pleasantly impressed!  I will wash and post pics and do a better review soon.  Since I wear workout clothes every  day it seems like a rational amount to spend and it was fun to be surprised.

Good Hump day to y'all!!

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