Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Second week into New year... where are we at?

So we are in the second week of the new year.  how is everyone doing with goals/resolutions?  has anyone added races to their calendar?  I hope everyone has registered for the NWM10k that is to be run on March 9th or 10th.  That gives everyone two months to prepare, even if starting off the couch.  It is $40 and you receive a tee.  $10 of your registration fee goes to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society--a worthy cause.  You can find the registration 

I am also running the Snow Joke half marathon in Feb.  I am still trying to determine my marathon(s).  For logistics, I may do the Missoula in July.  It is fun, efficient, beautiful.  I would really like to do Chicago again, but it is so expensive to fly, take off work, etc. and I traveled a lot for races last year.  I am leaning towards Missoula and hoping we get in for NWM2013!!! :)  If not, maybe I will then do the vegas marathon?  The reviews on that, however, are not great...  I am contemplating the Portland Marathon again as well.  I loved that race.  I feel, however, that I should try new events.  I also want to PR so sea level helps too... ??? thoughts? suggestions?

We are also traveling for my sister-in-laws wedding at the end of april--so several of the races that were on my radar have to stay there for this year.  For example, I want to do the Whidby Island one, it looks gorgeous.  

We may head to Tempe for the Skirt Sports skirt chaser in feb.  we can stay at sister-in-laws and alegiant air is cheap!! :) We ran this race in Denver the first year they had it and we had a blast!  it was great.  They have a fun "block party" post race and great swag bags.
Here we are pre-race:(i have black visor)
That year the registration had several options and i went big and chose the skirt, top and visor.  Plus the bag had socks, stickers, bars, drink tickets, energy drinks etc.  

I am also looking at a Spartan race in May.  has anyone done this event?  I am not worried about the running part, it's only 4 miles, but some of the obstacles look tough!! But iIt looks fun.

We have been doing some xcountry skiing which is excellent cross training for me.  It was a lovely day at Bohart ranch Sunday:

I used the self-timer on my camera and had to ski back to the group--I didn't think that through so well--I could have had them scoot up!!! :)

This week is 3.5 miler(yesterday) NTC, speed work (today), more NTC, yoga, and a longish run saturday. There is a new stretch sesh on NTC with Kara Goucher--it looks awesome!! Check it out!
I hope everyone is sticking to their goals/training plans and feeling successful!


  1. Come to Calgary with me. You can stay with me!!

    1. That would be a blast!!! I would love it!! :) I may look into it.