Saturday, January 12, 2013

I can't be stopped!!

First off, I am quite sore from yesterday's Tabata.  But, that soreness feels good.  Tomorrow is a longish run day and hopefully that will help work some of this soreness out.  It is still quite cold and snowing here so I have spent most of my day indoors.  It was fun to play around in my sewing center!!  I listened/watched "How I met your mother" and I needed/wanted to make a camera strap cover for my new camera so I made one:

Since they are so easy to make, I made three to post in my Etsy shop that has been VERY neglected.  I made two like this one I made for myself and one with a fun Amy Butler fabric.  I love Amy Butler fabrics!!  i tend to covet my Amy Butler fabrics and only use for SPECIAL gifts or items.

Next up: I need to begin working on the ensemble I am going to make for my sister in law... I have a feeling it is way beyond my skill set so I want to have plenty of time.  

I also ordered items to make hair fascinators for bridesmaids in s.i.l. wedding.  I am wicked excited about these--I have wanted to have somewhere to wear one to, and now I do/will!! :)

Hope everyone is having a fun productive weekend and reaching their FUELBAND goals!! :)

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