Wednesday, January 30, 2013

its been a while...

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been logging a lot of miles and sewing a ton! :)  It has been a great few weeks. I have to do two long runs to hit my goal of 100 miles this month--but I think I can do it!  
I have a half marathon Feb 23 and another one on Mar 16.  The one in February I will be racing--however I am sure it will be icy/sketchy conditions.  The one in March I will look at as a long run.  It is a fun pub run.  

I registered for the Missoula Marathon!!!!  I was having such a difficult time deciding which races to do this year, but Missoula is a fun place to go to for the weekend and i don't have to fly/drive all day etc.  So logistically this race won.  It is a fantastic event, well organized, great course support, fun expo scenic.  It really has it all so it made the decision easier. We have great friends in Missoula and it is always fun to spend time with them too.

I have been lusting after the runfinity scarf at Oiselle, but it sells out very fast.  On Saturday am the lightbulb went on (finally!!) as I was looking around my sewing center I saw that I had a fun black and white chevron knit-DUH make your own!  I decided to use my serger since essentially you are sewing a looooooong straight seam and this makes fast work of that.  It came together so quickly--I ended up making 9! I put one of each on my Etsy site for purchase.

The last three are made with a very soft/lightweight cotton lawn.  These are so fun and easy to make and I think will make excellent gifts--scarves are always in style.

Last night Hubbee and I spend two hours putting together an elliptical.  I used to have one but it was loud, seemed to wide for me and was GIANT so i barely used it and ended up giving it to a friend.  This winter has been quite cold, windy and I don't do great running in the dark around our house (those of you that are close know of my RATIONAL fear of mountain lions--i have seen 6+) so my anxiety hits an all time high and that really zaps my energy. I though the elliptical would be a great cross training piece and something I could do at home--I don't spend much time at home :/ Also I am hoping maybe Hubbee will use it.  I used it for about 10 minutes last night since we finished putting it together at 10:30 and it feels GREAT.  The stride is so much better than the old one and its quiet.  

Where is everyone at with there resolutions/goals?  How is everyone feeling about the year 2013?  I feel it will be busy, but busy with some exciting things: races, sister in law's wedding, travel back to east coast (aaauuuuuuhhhuuuhhhh--angels singing!).

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