Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump DAAAAAAY! said the camel

This week training has been great!  Friday after work, hubbee and I ran a pretty hot and sweaty 3.2 miler, then I did my fourteen on saturday.  It was hot and i split it into two but i managed to run two fast 7 milers (sub 8's!). Then sunday Hubbee and I went down to our local park and ran The Bark In The Park.  it is a 5k benefit for our local animal shelter.  Wrigley also attended!  She and I came in second and I won a $25 gift certificate to the Bozeman Running company. (SCORE!!!)  
Wrigley was tired!!

Last night Hubbee, Cuz and I ran over the newly constructed bridge to a new trail.  it was 5.2 miles total and a GREAT run.  There is a quarter mile hill that we ran to and all raced up it, then ran back home. This run was the FARTHEST (furthest?) my Cuz has EVER run!!!  I am so happy to have another convert and since he is living with us for the time being, i have been fortunate enough to have a running buddy!! :)  And the big galloof is FAST!!
It was a gorgeous sight at the top of the hill.  THat is our sleeping giant.  Can you see the indian lying down?  profile of face?  That is also the smoke billowing up from the paradise valley.  There are four fires in our county alone, most counties in the state have some sort of burn occurring, very sad and scary.   

Friday night is the Night Owl Run, and also my aunt and uncle arrive from Florida (said cuz's rents! :)) we are all very close and I am soooo looking forward to their visit.  I am saddened by the smoke and fires, however, since you can't even see our beautiful mountains.

Saturday I am running 15 miles... i need to wake up early and get it done so i will have the full day to spend with the fam, or do it early sunday. 

Hope everyone's training is going well! Off to do some NTC!

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