Wednesday, August 14, 2013

more randoms...

It is almost time for the Night Owl Run... this is a great four mile event (so walkers are welcome!!) and it is done at night, this year Aug. 23.  THere is a surprise at the half way point (along with water and gatorade) and once you cross the finish line you can pick up your souvenir pint, fill it with brew and enjoy the barbecue!  You will also receive a tee shirt, glow in the dark bling, and we do random prizes so it is not just 1,2,3.  Along with all the stuff we offer the entrants, the entrants are helping raise funds for two scholarships, and several community organizations.  WIN WIN!!! :)

Some new house items have arrived:

The sofa and rug are new.  in the background is the box for the sleeper/settee that will go in sewing center, however it is now in a spare bedroom.

Ryan will be sleeping on that while his mom and dad are visiting.  good luck, cuz!
We have been floating the river quite a bit and had a fun campfire on saturday night with friends.
The indian paintbrush is just beginning to bloom.  There were only about three so I didn't want to pick them yet.  
A few weeks ago Adam was here for a visit.  it was great to see him... wish we all lived closer together.
Hope you enjoyed the random photo dump!! :)

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