Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pinwheel quilt, NTC challenge and gifts galore!

I have had this pinwheel quilt for a year, it was just sewn to the point of half triangle squares.  Now the top is complete and I am waiting for the middle part to arrive--i don't know why i can't recall what that stuff is called... just make a note folks, this maybe the onset of dementia or I may be having a stroke... eek!  i panic when i can't find the word or throw in the incorrect word. Having worked with seniors, i am well aware of the signs, and unfortunately I exhibit them, frequently.
Here all the rows were done, however not sewn together.

This is the completed top.  I only have one pinwheel that isn't as neat and tidy as I would have liked, but all the rest look good.  corners are square, etc. I think that is thanks to the amazing Rowenta iron my aunt sent me--it is like a spaceship but makes pressing a breeze! thanks, Ann!

I also made some fun napkins for my mother in law.  (I don't think she reads the blog regularly).  Her birthday is the weekend of thanksgiving and she is hosting thanksgiving, so I thought it would be a fun gift.

I am also working on a few other gift items and will share upon completion.  I am almost done with xmas shopping and now have to stay on task for the made items. :) 

I am loving the #NTCNOVEMBER30 challenge.  it feels great to be strength training again and it is a nice change up from all the running.  I am loving the break and know that when I begin training for my next half or full I will be stronger and motivated.  I have been also spinning for 45 minutes per day.  it has been a fun way to do cardio--i mix it up and use music to amp me up.

A side note:  my studio is coming along!  the did the plumbing, water, sewer, gas and the headers for windows, took out a garage door and installed double french doors, and this weekend the massage room and bathroom will be framed and sheetrocked!!  Then it all gets mudded, painted and flooring!!! :)  Now that it is really moving along I am very excited.  It was hard to feel excited when I was applying for permits, etc.

who else is doing the NTC challenge?  A special thanks to Karen for starting it!! :)

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