Wednesday, August 22, 2012

busy busy busy/training/night owl run etc.

Last week was so much better training wise than the week before.  I did not set myself up for failure and woke at 4 am to prep breakfast, have a coffee then meet Britton at 6 for our 17 miler.  We did not run fast (as we are not supposed to do so) but we had quite a successful long run!  "aaaahhhaaaaa" angels singing.  Had an awesome raft trip with Hubbee and some now new friends which made for great recovery and a great rest day sunday.  I was so relieved when i woke on sunday that I had completed the long run because it was SOOOOOO smokey.  It would have been miserable to run in that.
Monday I ran seven, yesterday NTC which was super fun--but my shoulders are  tired from runs/rowing/ntc and today I have a 6 mile tempo.  I am looking forward to it except that it will be on treadmill.  it is still so smokey here and we can't even see mountains or neighbors houses.  it is eerie, like we live in cloudy Kansas.  blecht.

This Friday night is our FOURTH annual NIGHT OWL RUN.  THis is a GOOOOOOOOOOD time!  For one's entry they receive a great tee, a pint glass, candy, glow in the dark bling, a bbq post race and beer to put in the pint glass.  Also chances for some AWESOME prizes.  We don't just do 1/2/3.  we do those, but then we do random: like 16, 22, etc., traveled the furthest, best owl costume, and first to register.  Families can come and eat for free with their running member.  And to top it off we give two scholarships and donate to a different charity every year.  It is a scenic four mile course done at 7 at night :)

Saturday is my 20 miler... I am looking forward to it.  I felt so much better post 17 and didn't need a nap like i did after the 15 miler so i know what to do for success!! 

I am also very excited because I ordered some stuff off the Nike clearance site and it should be delivered today!!  I ordered a tee with a foam finger!!! and some new sneaks to try.  THose of you that know me, know I have an obse--er collection of foam fingers (and now foam claw from CUBS!) so i had to have this tee.

I have not had this much fun training for a marathon.  I have to give my thanks to marie purvis (@NikeGetFit) and the @Nikewomen for a) this amazing opportunity and b) for connecting me with women that are doing what I am doing.  My #SistersInNike (@TiaraBeth, @superwomankw, @nerissa_ann, @RenewedFitness and in spirit @marlyw) Normally I am plugging away at this alone. I don't have friends that want to run these distances, etc. So being able to motivate one another, seek advice, etc it has brought my training to a new level.  And I feel as though i have training partners for life!! This is a lifestyle to all of us and that is why I think we will remain united.  For that, I am so grateful.  

On this note i have to give a shout out to @itsallaboutme00 . she is getting on this NTC and NikeFuel bus!!!  she had an epoch first day with her band yesterday and I know it is the beginning of more remarkable feats to come!!


  1. OMG the Night Owl Run sound like a...get ready for it...HOOT!! :P no really sounds FUN FUN - pls pls upload pics ASAP!!

    Good luck on your 20mi Sat!!

  2. I love you!! I love your for your motivation for your support and for being an ear to listen when I need it.
    Though I have not met you yet I feel like you are a friend for life. Sisters In Nike.

    1. I feel the same way! Love you too! :)