Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Fever

This week has been VERY busy per the ushje... however i don't really have too much to say.  We do not have cable, therefore we do not receive any channels on a regular basis.  This has seriously impacted my viewing of the olympics.  Sunny has been DVRing them for me and I have been running on her treadmill fast forwarding through commercials and selecting events to watch.  It really helps with treadmill running to watch something like the olympics--i was so pumped watching some stuff I had goosebumps and was cheering, etc.  Sunny was hysterical because she knew the end result.

I have been rooting for Conor Dwyer, a swimmer for the USA.  He was on the 200 freestyle relay and they won GOLD!!!  GO USA!!!  That was exciting.  His parents are friends with my parents, so I have been hearing about his grueling training etc for about a year now and was so happy for him that he made the team and stoked that he now has a MEDAL!!! :)

i also watched the beach volleyball match usa vs. aus.  That was such a stressful match and then the match point was the longest volley--alas USA won.  

Nike has a new campaign: "Find Your Greatness".  It is an amazing, super inspiring campaign reminding us we all have the capability to be great and not just on a world recognizing platform.  I am loving the way everyone is submitting there quotes on how they find their own greatness--it is truly inspiring.  Nikewomen took one of my pics and it is on FB and twitter:
I was so shocked to see it on the twitter feed, then @nerissa_ann said it was on facebook too! :)  cool!  @nerissa_ann has an awesome pic too!! :)

Withthe way my weekends have been super packed I did my long run on friday rather than saturday.  it was an 11 miler and it felt GREAT.  I am trying to remember to run EASY on the long runs--not every run is a race.  I am glad i chose to do the run on friday since saturday I was volunterring at the Red Ants Pants Festival and would be on my feet for 12 hours.
This saturday I am to do 13--we have a wedding so I may flip fri/sat again... 

I am feeling really strong and running faster than i have in a while and enjoying every training workout.  It is super motivating having my #SistersInNike.  Today is a tempo run.  I am feeling confident it will go as well as the first one! :) I am intimidated more by these than the long runs... anyone else?

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  1. You did AMAZING on your tempo run!
    Good idea flipping your runs around - your feet need rest too :)