Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Running Mantra

This past weekend in the training for Chicago full/NWM1/2 I had a 13 miler--went great--1:46:01.  And it felt like an easy breezy pace.  On Saturday am I had a four miler to do and the #TwitterRoadRace which is a virtual 5k that i ran in 23:19 for a woman's win!! 2nd time female winner--but this time was slower than last--i was running in awful weather last time and wanted it to be over.  this saturday was GORGEOUS and the mountains looked beautiful with sun rising, moon still up, etc.  Although my pup, Wrigley was letting some inner cujo out the first half mile, and we had to stop a lot during that stretch, we still made decent time.  We had a wedding saturday, hence me changing the long run to friday.  Wedding was fantastic, seeing distant relative's of hubbee's was great.  And the couple were soooooo adorable--bride was stunning and seems so sweet. "Welcome to Team Rehmer, Sara!"

sunday was a rest day, which i loved!! :) we floated and had a bbq at hubbee's 'rents house. Monday I was to do a 4 mile tempo--however we are suffering some awful air conditions due to wildfires and I had a headache/sore throat so I did it yesterday.  It was great! warm up mile 9:13, 1st tempo mile 7:57, 2nd 7:42, 3rd 7:30, 4th 7:19, cool down 8:57.  it all felt great and I felt as though i could have eeked out one more tempo mile... 
not as fast as the last tempo but there was an added mile. I also had a 45 min NTC to do yesterday, "fast and fierce" one of my faves so I did that in the am.  And we lost another softball game.  it will be over next week thank god!!! Today I have a 5 miler and thur is NTC and fri is yoga.  I am thoroughly enjoying being in training and really seeing/feeling the results.

so the new running mantra came to me while running my tempo run last night:

Creating A New Comfort Level!!!

When I was running and thought maybe i should take the speed down a bit I realized what exactly was happening with my body.  And I worked in some of the bikram yoga breathing--in and out through the nose--and I found a comfort zone at this new pace.  It worked wonders! :)


  1. LOVE it!! I am so glad you are finding a new comfort level. You'll do great :)

    1. thanks! i am happy with the progress and the changes!! :)