Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nike and the Night Owl Run

This morning I had my scheduled phone call with Lydia from Nikewomen.  She told me about travel plans, a bit about the weekend and i can expect another package next week! woohoo!  

I had to get that out because I just hung up and am dancing around my house with my dogs and they are excited too--even though they won't be going to san fran--I think they are excited for me!! :)

This past week was another busy one... It was our fourth Annual Night Owl Run!!!  Kristen and I started this race and each year it has grown and grown  and it is a blast. 
This was taken from our first year at packet pick up.  This year was our smoothest operating one.  After the second year we smartened up and decided to use a timing company.  Bozeman Running Company is AMAZING!  They make it so simple.  And this year Adam and Casey even helped us with packet pickup.  

I also want to give a shout out to my hubbee, his pops, bill, jesse, Colleen, Kristen's sister heather, her hubbee, kristen's mom and her bf, and joel.  Plus all the other volunteers and entrants.  Everyone stepped up and helped out by either bbq-ing, manning corners, etc.  We couldn't do this without our helpers!!  And thanks to Judy Roy for keeping runners safe from the rattle snake!! :)

Also the sponsors--so many local businesses gave wonderful donations and made this possible.  For a small town people really stepped up and made this a great family event.
We tried to keep the runners and walkers entertained on the course.  Also we had a water and "night owl nectar" station (for adults)!! people that imbibed were entered into a drawing for a chance to win a lazy boy recliner from Florence Furniture.  The run was a great success and the fifth year will be an even better one and surprises for those of you who have done all five years!! :)

Saturday was a 20 miler.  I was pumped for this run.  I knew my body was ready and my mind was on the same page.  This does not always happen for me.  It was not too hot saturday and the smoke seemed to have cleared.  I did some with Wrigley, some alone and some on the treadmill at Sunny's watching the olympics (yes--I am aware they are over).  I ran it in about 2:42.  I did stop at mile ten to refuel and then again at mile 15.  All in all it was a great run!  i felt as though I could have done more.  I like to end long runs on a happy note.  track runs I leave it all out there, and tempos, but long runs help me build the mental strength for the marathon so i need to know I can go a bit more.  Also saturday I earned my record amount of fuel! :) woohoo!

Sunday was a glorious rest day.  Monday was yoga, and yesterday was NTC.  I also did 45 min advanced yoga last night.  Today is a track workout.  i am excited to use the new track, however it is VERY smokey again.  Maybe by tonight it will blow out?  I am looking forward to the track workout since I have had 3 days off of running.  I have not had this much time off running since the beginning of training.  Today I think i will wear my new sneaks and tee that came last week! :)  Anything to keep me pumped!
I am also always looking for song recommendations.  I like all sorts of music--except i am not too into country... any suggestions?

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