Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"last" long run before taper

Saturday was a 22 miler.  The last long run before the taper.  And it was so smokey here you could barely see a mile away.  chunks, not just ash were falling from the sky.  Friday I frantically phoned the college, gyms, etc to try to find a place to run on an indoor track.  Alas, I was treadmill bound.  Friday a 6 mile run on the treadmill made me want to rip my hair out so I was not looking forward to this.  Friday night Hubbee and I went out for sushi.  I know this meal works great for me pre-long run.  I wanted to stack the deck in my favor for success.  Also, since I wasn't trying to beat the heat and could sleep in a bit (my body doesn't really allow me to sleep past 7:30) I had a glass of wine.

Saturday I went to my studio to begin my longest run of the training portion on the treadmill.  i refuse to refer to it as the deathmill etc.  My treadmills name is Freddy the Tready.  We are friends.  He has made some runs possible that otherwise would not have happened and I appreciate him. I decided every mile I would hop off and do the roman chair--10 straight leg lifts.  This just helps me think about 1 mile at a time.  I kept the clock going from start to finish--even when did the chair, and ran to bathroom. The 22 miles took 3:08:33.  I would not allow myself to go slower than 7 mph.  the first three and the last three miles I really wanted to go slower but I kept steady.  

I also wore compression socks. I have only worn them one other time, as part of our costume at the Disney Princess half marathon.  The week before i had a twinge of a calf cramp so I didn't want to experience that again.  As dorky as they look on me I think they really helped!!
I am now on the hunt for a nike pair to wear at the Chicago Marathon and The San Fran women's half.  I normally run in capris, but these socks seemed to help a ton and I felt great all day and the next day!

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day, however, hubbee and I hiked about 8-9 miles with our dogs.  I did jump in the alpine lake--my favorite type of icebath!  Monday was a yoga day (thank god!!) so I locked myself in the sewing room and worked on my pinwheel quilt.  The top is really coming together.  I am going to put gray strips in between each pinwheel and still need to figure out the backing and a binding fabric...
The two squares to the side will be pillows to coordinate with the quilt.  Also my fabric arrived for me to begin making my sister-in-law's bridal shower gift. She is really into retro/vintage things and likes one of a kind pieces. When I saw this in my BurdaStyle it screamed Jaclyn.  I ordered a white fabric with white dots, a black with white dots and red to make ruffles and trim.  She loves polka dots so I think she will like this ensemble.

I hope I can do it!  I have never made anything like this--requiring underwire, etc.  but it will be worth it to create a unique gift for her. I wasn't sure at first and hemmed and hawed and then that night she texted me a pic of the pool bag I made her for her sunday pool parties at the Valley Ho--and i took that as a sign that she will like this too! :)

So I am on the downward slope of training:  the taper.  I struggle with this part but am becoming very excited for both trips.  Also this sunday I am running a half marathon (Bozeman) and can't wait to race for fun--not stressing about time etc.  I want to do well--but there are no consequences/goals/etc.  

I am still amazed that I am going to be flown to San Fran for the Nike Women's Marathon.  I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MY #SISTERSINNIKE!!!!!!!  We are going to have an epic weekend!!  And I hope its one of many!!!


  1. OMG I am excited to see this unique creation for your sis-in-law. She will love it!!

    Happy "tapering" the next 6 weeks - it'll be a blast to finally meet you ladies in person.

  2. Happy Tapering to you as well!! I am so nervous to start this project. my hardest part of sewing is CUTTING the fabric. I lay out the pattern--pin it etc. then freak out when I have to make the cut. what is wrong with me???? :( That is rhetorical--don't answer!! :)