Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tolerating the Taper

This week was a plummet to the miles.  I had a lot of yoga to do , NTC and minimal running.  A 6 mile tempo run and and 18 miler long run.  I loved the yoga and NTC but it was mentally a bit odd to not run very much.  Sunday I was registered for the Bozeman Half Marathon and took at least two minutes off my time from the half last month. I did it in 1:48:??.  And it was a blast.  I just wanted to work on pacing and it went really great.  This event is very well organized and efficient.  Last year was the first year and I took at least 6 minutes off my time from last year.

The sunglasses, although not in a color I would choose normally, are great for running.  They don't move, they weigh next to nothing and the lens is great in a variety of light. LOVE 'EM! They are Nike miler sunglasses.

Sunny came over to cheer me on and take photos--THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT SUNNY!!--and then we went on a sewing supply shopping spree.  I have several projects in the works and am working on several christmas presents. more will be revealed on that later.

This week the taper continues.  A five miler yesterday, 6 at race pace today, and a 15 miler on saturday.  Lots of NTC and yoga. It has been ridiculously smokey here.  we lucked out sunday am and had decent air quality but by noon you couldn't see the mountains again.  Yesterday when I was loading up my car for work it was ashing outside like snow.  It is very sad and depressing.

I always have struggled with the taper.  It is a mental struggle.  When training you want to push yourself and hit all the targeted workouts and then you begin this downward slide to allow one's body to heal--one side of my brain gets this--the other not so much.  I panic a bit, thinking, "gee, maybe this taper is too long? will i lose fitness in this time frame?"  I just have to keep reassuring myself about the healing process within the muscles so I can push myself hard on race day.

We are in the homestretch of this race training for fall 2012--and I have so enjoyed the ride.  I am now becoming quite excited about the Chicago Marathon and super excited for the whole experience in San Francisco.  The Nike Womens Marathon looks like a stellar event. I am looking forward to the expo, our gorgeous hotel, seeing the city while racing, and of course meeting my #SistersInNike.  I am already wondering what the heck to pack... workout stuff obviously, but then what else will we be doing? hmmm...

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