Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh the places I will go!!

A week from right now I will be landing in Chicago!! :)  I am very excited for several reasons, I will be able to see both my parents, several friends, uncle, etc.  Plus I need a vacay.  I am stoked to hit the new Nike Chicago.  It was closed when I was there in june. 
I am ready to run this race.  I am ready to push myself like i never have before.  I am ready to be done. I mean done with the first portion of races, because I am having a hard time staying excited about San Fran with the Full looming in front of it.I love being in training--but this close to the race, I look forward to the end.    my "end" is just another beginning.  I will be spending the following weekend in San Fran and run the Nike Women's half marathon.  This week of high mileage races will put my body to the test--but I am ready and stoked to accept the challenge.  Even as I think and type that I am ready to be done--it causes a bit of panic.  What next?  when "done" training I don't then go into hibernation.  I am looking forward to having the time (and energy) to try some new things, Pure Barre, Trx, etc.  maybe get back into spinning?  

What will most likely happen is I will find another race... 

Anyone else prepping for October/November Marathons or Half's? How is it going?

I also am looking forward to some time to sew.  It is the only home-ec-e thing I enjoy.  For whatever reason it calms me.  I want to finish several nearly done projects and I want to do some of the online classes I signed up for 6 months ago.  I have several presents I need to make... yup, one door closes another opens.

Any suggestions for Chicago or San Fran?

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