Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November is here!

I am relieved the election is over.  I am over the wasteful mailers and foolish ads.  I have two races (small ones) this month.  On veterans day I have a 5 miler and on Thanksgiving, The Huffing For Stuffing 10k.  My fitness goals for this month are:

1)  run 100 miles
2)  600 minutes of NTC

These may not seem too lofty--however I am always wanting to do more spin sessions and pilates reformer/mat workouts.  

Also with the start of November I am working on some sewing projects!!! Yay!! Now that I am not in training for long distance races I am hoping to have some time to work on some sewing.  I have several dresses I want to complete, but really I need to work on some xmas gifts.  I am making my mother some cute flannel pajama pants and working on a wall hanging, and I thought these napkins would be fun and easy.

I love rik rak!!!  I love the vintage vibe it brings to projects.  

what are your workout goals this month?  Any fun homemade gift ideas?

sad news:  we did not make it into the Hood to Coast Relay.  But Karen and I are willing to join another team if anyone is interested/needs two fun, run-loving girls!!!!! ;)

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  1. No set goals for me this month, just keeping to a schedule of running Mon, Wed, Friday/Sat and NTC every-other day with Sunday rest.

    As far as homemade gifts ...feathered earrings or those ruffle necklaces are pretty cool.

    Yoga mat bag cover or water bottle carrier - for the fitness chick...

    Can't wait to see your sewing project complete:)