Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exciting News!

It may not be THAT exciting.  Definitely not as exciting as some of the Nike news, etc.  It is, however, something for me to look forward to.  Sunny (@itsallaboutme) and I are going to Big Sky the weekend before Christmas to meet Tony Horton.  I must admit, i did my first P90x video yesterday.  Kenpo--and I survived.  I didn't really sweat, but I am not much of a sweater (???) and today I feel as though my shoulders are dead.  

And I LOVE it! :)

Sunny is a HUGE fan of Tony (ya, I'm going with the first name basis) and this has put a fire under her butt!!  i am hoping I can keep up--she has turned into a maniac.  I love it though--it is a fun way to stay motivated through this cold dreary time we seem to be having.

I am pumped to meet this amazing athlete for sure.  I am also psyched to go to the fondue restaurant at Big Sky!!! I love Big Sky--it is a phenomenal ski area/resort with so much going on and festivities and it is only 1.5 hours away.  They opened this restaurant two seasons ago and I have been dying to go.  Sunny is a bit nervous about how this food will affect our workouts--I'm willing to risk it! 

I have NO IDEA what I need to bring/wear/etc.  There is a meet and greet friday with some sort of lecture I believe.  Should I bring a notebook? dress up for meet and greet? do I need my own mat?  I wish that when you registered they had a "what to pack" list.  When I become a famous fitness guru I will definitely provide that info. *wink*

Anyone else going to this event?  Or have you been to something similar?

Oh--I almost forgot!  I am a featured runner on Doug's blog!!!!  
check that post out here:

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