Thursday, November 29, 2012

running miles and making prezzies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  i did.  I ran the Huffing for STuffing 10k (which was actually 6.7 miles) and then we hosted dinner at our house.  It was very fun and we had great food and great company.  I had FOUR days in a row off!!!!  This is unheard of for me--if I have that much time off I am usually afloat on a river or not in Montana.  I was so excited to use the time for some sewing.  I have been wanting to make several gifts and the time seems to be flying.  I had to make several baby gifts during the last few weeks--I may have posted pics of these:

These are some baby kimono slippers and burp cloths. The kimono slippers I followed a tutorial It was super easy to follow and these are VERY fun to make.  I added Rik Rak to a third pair and they are darling!

Next up was some pajamas (lounge wear as she calls them) for my mother.  She loves bright colored cozy pajamas and I found this fun contrasting flannel.  I wanted to make two pairs of pants, however, the coral was cut soooooooo crooked I was shorted almost half a yard.  Alas, my mom is tiny in size so I could at least eke out a pair of shorts.

These were fun and super simple to make.  I think I need to make more!! :)

Today is my mother in laws birthday.  I bought her some very nice earrings off of ETSY (aahhhhh uuuuhhh aaaauuuuuuhhhhh--that's angels singing--I LOVE Etsy!!!).  Ben chose a nice scarf and I wanted to make her something.  She likes birds and I had this fabric I had bought with her in mind and I followed a tutorial for this bag--the olivia bag--from  Again, excellent instructions/pictures etc.
This bag was super fun to make and comes together quickly.  It is a great size not too big, not too small.  I hope she likes it.

Also this weekend I have been working on fabric flowers--they are for a project that will be revealed later (I hope! :/).  And I wanted to try my hand at the English Paper Piecing of hexagons.  They are a great way to use scraps and I can do it anywhere (i.e.: not holed up in my sewing center). They do not, however, make fast work.  We watched a movie and I did five.  How the heck do people make entire quilts of these things???  Someone may receive a coaster, then next christmas the mate.  These are a slow go.  But I do see the attraction...

So that is what my hands have been up to.  The legs have been running shorter faster runs and NTC and bootcamps.  I need to start training for a half marathon in February.  I am looking forward to being in training officially again!!

What have all of you been up to?  Running or craftwise???


  1. Everything looks fabulous! I esp love the baby kimono slippers and bag w/bird print.

    Do you have a separate website where you sell stuff?

  2. Thanks!! I sell on etsy... but it is hard to keep etsy site stocked--the stuff moves fast:) i will try to get more stuff on there ASAP! :)

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with your crafty side! Those baby kimono slippers are adorable!

    1. thanks!! they whip up pretty fast and make great gifts.