Thursday, March 21, 2013

a half and a festivity filled weekend!

I have been working on lots of items, however I don't think my sister in law follows this blog, but i am not 100% sure so I don't want to wreck any surprises.  I will post about them soon enough.  

This past saturday was the "Run to the Pub" half marathon.  This race has really blown up since it was ranked the #2 half in the nation by Runner's World.  Some locals were upset that it no longer seemed like a local race, however I liked that they changed the course (now to include a long uphill--I am not lying when I state that I LOVE hills! Just does something for me...) and they took out the trail section that although it was fun in theory, it would bottle neck and it was often icy and at mile 12 in a half, it just sucked.  You would have to battle walkers from the 10K--which i don't want to discourage anyone from walking any distance, I am just saying it was always congested and a recipe for fueds.  My day was off to a smashing start.  I forgot to eat my toast with peanut butter, thought the bus was at 9:15 and it was at 9.  I had JUST enough time to purchase a bag of chomps (they were out of bloks and if you know me--i hate chomps) and I RAN to the bus.  so I will regress to the chomps:  they are like JU JU bees.  THose hard yet supposedly gummy candy I remember from the movie theater.  You attempt to bite into them and it sticks your top teeth to the lower and no matter how strong ones jaw is, that is where it stays.  And it is the slowest thing to break down EVER.  so you are running, with this large thing stuck in your mouth, making you salivate yet you can't appropriately engage swallowing muscles due to the weird jaw setting and this now begins to affect how you breath.  ugh--i hate them.  i had to pry it off my teeth with my dirty/sweaty hands and throw it out.  no fuel.  I did not fuel appropriately, but I apparently over hydrated.  I had to pee twice--the last few halves i have done I was so proud I didn't have to use any facilities.  Also, the last mile, my right show was untied so I am ran like a weirdo so as not to launch my shoe into the spectators or a fellow runner.  BUt i was NOT stopping AGAIN!  I ran 1:54:09.  not my best, not my worst, but not a lot of it felt good.  I felt better at Seeley.  

Don't despair!  I did see my silver lining!!!  The weather was gorgeous!!  I loved the new course, there were way more supports than their used to be (last time I wouldn't have had two porta potty stops because there WERE NOT any potties) I had several clients that participated and everyone did well, had success and was smiling at the finish.  That made me feel great!! One of the perks of the race is a free beer at the finish so several of us met up to imbibe.
Erin with out glasses, Merry with crown, Angie with hat and me! 
I bought this shirt off of Etsy.  Some poor child is missing their step-dancing top!!  I love seeing how creative people can be and what people are willing to tolerate for MILES!!  Amazing! :)

Also--Hubbee ran the 10k and did GREAT!  He is not a runner.  his last time running was at the oktoberfest so he literally runs two times per year.  He is able to pull it out though! He did commit to running the half while I run the full this fall.  THis needs to go on the record!!! He will train he said!!!!!!

Full Marathon training begins for me on April 1.  I have mixed emotions about that due to how much stuff is on my plate (more will be revealed...) but I also know i do better when on a plan and it helps me focus and not spin my wheels.  Anyone else in training?  For what?

Oh--this weekend my sister in law and 7 friends are flying up for her bachelorette party!!  It will be a fun whirlwind weekend--more on that later!! :)

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