Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jaclyn's bachelorette and surprise retro shower

I have been working very diligently for a few months now on a secret mission. My sister in law was engaged this summer while visiting montana with her boyfriend Matt.  I was honored to be asked to be an attendant.  I love weddings!!  I think they are a magical time and as long as perspective is maintained on the objective (marriage is a lifetime, the wedding is a day) it can be a fun time to express yourself and merge families and share your unique love story.  Jaclyn wanted to have her bachelorette in Montana (she lives in Tempe AZ) so I thought it would be fun to have a shower here, with some people she grew up with that probably won't make it to the wedding but still want to celebrate this special time in her life.  Both Jaclyn and Matt are into vintage/retro themed things and love 50's style music/cars/decor/fashion/etc. So my plan was forming:  A 50's/retro themed shower.

Let me back track.  They were engaged at Mark's in and out, a seasonal eatery that is Jaclyn's favorite in Livingston.  So my thoughts were to buy the food from there: burgers, extra crispy fries, vanilla cokes.  Unfortunately Scott Black, the owner ran into an issue with his bun provider and meat man and had to delay opening for a week.  He was, however, extremely accommodating and helpful in us replicating his food.  He gave us the cheese, the vanilla syrup, some coke cups, his crushed ice and told us how to do the fries and the patties.

So for the past few months I have been collecting unique items and working on some special gifts.  Sunny made the cutest invites:

She also made awesome key fob favors for everyone too! :)

Thursday I drove over to Bozeman with Colleen--the girls flew in from Arizona.   It was so fun to meet everyone and put faces to the names.  We had dinner at Larry and Colleen's and just all hung out and visited.  

Friday was the Bachelorette night and the Peckinpah suite at the Murray Hotel was the headquarters.  Hubbee and I went in a bit early and did some decorating.

Finally the girls ARRIVED!!  Kacie made the cutest wine glasses for everyone and we did a cheers:
Jaclyn is in the gray charlotte is next to her, and Ahn is in the red.  That is my hand with thumb ring and you can see one turtle on my wrist.
Pre-dinner cocktails!!

Dinner!  I made the fascinator in Jaclyn's hair.  She needed something to differentiate herself, but no cheasy sash or tiara.
Fun times at The Mint.  Rod, a friend of Jaclyn's set us up with some champagne and The Fossil's were playing so it was good times and dancing had by all!! Stephanie made a beautiful toast; that BRAVE girl!! 

Hubbee picked me up and I headed home so I could have a decent night's sleep for the festivities the next day:  the shower!  I left an invite with Sarah and she placed it in front of Jaclyn the morning of and said, "have you seen this?" and that is how they told her about the shower. 

I was so thrilled that everyone was on board with the theme and dressed the parts! Our garage smelled like Mark's and the food was a success!   Hubbee did great!!  We played Bingo and Iris, hubbee's god daughter was the bingo barker.

"Hostess" :)

Erin and Preslee and Ahn
Kacie, Sarah, Jaclyn and Iris calling Bingo!
Julie and her Mini-Me!! 

Then it was time for PRESENTS!!!! :)
She received fun items from her registry and a cool framed print of Mark's in and out at twilight, her cake cutting set, a beautiful keep sake box, a gorgeous pearl frame, the beatles cookbook, gift certificates, a wedding day survival kit, and i made her a VW pillow sham, a bridal set (polka dots!!), the sheet music from wedding framed with their names and wedding date, a pic of them at mark's, and a tiered cupcake/appetizer stand made of beatles albums!
Iris was dancing to the musical card.  At this point she had had several cookies and two cupcakes!!

It would not be a traditional Montana Shower if some guns didn't go off...         
And here we are today, the last supper, back at the Mint:

The girls all had mini facials by Colleen and we had to rush and get them home to pack and head to bozeman to catch their flight.

I think all in all it was a success and fun was had.  I love throwing parties and making unique gifts or finding personalized items on Etsy.  I realize I am not the most warm and fuzzy person, or overly eloquent with my words; however I am paying attention and I show my appreciation and affection this way, if I love you!! :)  

A special thanks to Sarah for some pics!!  The next time we will all be together it will be time for this:
And I can't wait!!
Now I have to go remove crepe paper and poms from my ceiling!! 


  1. E - OMG you're creative, talented and just awesome!!! Glad everything worked out & kudos for everyone sticking to the theme - makes it so much fun!

    Can't wait for the BIG day! Congrats to the both of them:)

    1. aww thanks N!!! it was fun to do and I am so happy for the couple!! they really have blossomed together and that is so amazing to watch and be included.