Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snow Joke half and some crafts

Last Saturday was the Snow Joke half marathon in Seeley Lake.  They tout it as a dog friendly, minimally supported half to help people keep their training up throughout the winter.  Seeley Lake is at high elevation and nestled in the mountains.  Cold and lots of snow.  For "minimal support" i found it to be better supported than most!  They plastic-ed (yes--making that a verb/word) off the gym floors and everyone, dogs included, could go indoors prior to the start and after to warm up.  There were also two aid stations with some sort of energy drink and water and porta potties.  I have done several half marathons in bozeman where there was no porta potty... eek.
I felt pretty bad a** too since it was snowing, and cooler temps and a hilly at elevation course.  I LOVED IT!! :) me (duh) just before start:

The morning started with light snow but by the time the race began (at 11!!!! :) ) The sun was poking out but the wind was picking up. We ran up the two lane highway and then turned onto a side road that looped us back to the highway where we finished at the school at which we began.  This loop road was snow packed and it was like running on sand.  it wasn't slippery as in icy, but it moved away from your foot.  i had a brutal calf crap at 12.6 miles that literally almost dropped me.  i went to grap my calf and the muscle was soooo tight it felt like a piece of wood--my calves are strong--but they don't normally feel like that!  I just played around with how to plant my foot and not "feed the cramp" and it went away.  I was able to sprint the last little bit to the finish, which is always fun.  

Several others were supposed to run the race, but everyone bagged out.  I have another half in two weeks so I was using this as a "long" run and wanted to finish in under 2 hours.  I did 1:54.  I was happy since the whole way felt super easy.  I think this was a fantastic event and so well organized and I look forward to doing it again.  They had quite a turnout too, 600 people.  Seeley is known for summertime fun, but it was gorgeous in the winter and tons of great cross country skiing all over.  Maybe by next year wrigley will be trained to run that distance?!

We rented a cabin with two other couples and it was delightful.  After the race I took the chill off by the fire and we played jenga with a really crummy old set of blocks and we played yahtzee for mula and Christy and I each won the pots!! :)

A few weeks ago I received a message from Nike Running that I would be receiving FLYKNITS!!!!  And they arrived!!! They are so light but so supportive and comfy.  I don't do too well with a minimalist shoe, which these lack weight like a minimalist, however they don't compromise on comfort, cushion and support.  Plus they look badass!! :)

I ran a little over five and a half miles in them yesterday and they were STELLAR!!!  Plus I love the card that came with them. 

I have been working on some items for my Sister in Laws wedding festivities. I made her a fascinator/veil for her bachelorette party.  I know she wanted something to single her out, but not something tacky like a sash or plastic tiara.  She is into retro things and custom things so I tried my hand at millinery.  

It really looks much better on, however I have not washed my hair in probably three days (ya--i lost count--that is how dirtball i can be!!) so I don't want to post pics of it in my hair.  The veil covers the left eye and goes about to the nose.  it is attached to a simple alligator clip.  I made the flowers too.  I cut a zillion circles and singed the edges, stitching them together and using Swarovski crystals and pearls into the centers.  I ordered some ivory tulle to put under the black--her hair is jet black and the ivory will help make it pop.  i will post a pic of it when completed and I am somewhat more presentable than i am today.  
THis was quite a feat for me since I am afraid of fire!!  the first circle I attempted to singe caught on fire and went up in an instant to NOTHING.  I was freaked and almost had to have hubbee do it.  Alas--I persevered and the rest went along much better.  Key is not to actually touch fabric to flame, it simply needs to be near it. 

I also completed the fascinators for the bridesmaids.  I ordered all the supplies off and worked my magic!!  These we will wear at the wedding.  I am excited since I have wanted to wear something like this but live in the middle of nowhere and my dogs simply don't react with enough enthusiasm to hair styles as they do when I lace up sneakers...

There are seven bridesmaids and Yes, i made seven.  the wonky one in back i tore apart and redid, also.  
I still have a longish run to do today and i need to get to work on some TOP SECRET items that i will share at a later date!! :)  

I really want to run the Run to the Pub half marathon 1:50 or under but I don't know if that is realistic?  How is everyone else's training going?


  1. I'm a little late with this but way to go and hope you dominate your Half!

    I love that your dog is named Wrigley

    aka @marathoner

  2. Thanks!! We also have a dachshund named Fenway [frank] :)

  3. I love your flyknit's and congrats on your race! You are super inspiring and I hope I get to run Hood to Coast with you!

  4. Thanks Karen!! I hope we are able to run it together too!!! :) that would be amazing!!!