Wednesday, March 8, 2017


well... it has been almost a year... i am a slacker.  my apologies.  a lot has been happening since my last post, both in my sewing life and my running one.  One can always follow along on instagram turtlegirl00 is my username.  

This saturday is the Run to the Pub and i am running the 10k.  I am looking forward to it.  I am also trying to plan other races for the year... Any recs? 

I have been sewing up a storm, a fun variety of quilts and apparel.  This past weekend i cut out the parts for a pair of Birkin flares.  I am now waiting for several items to arrive in the mail that i will require to finish them.  I have wanted to make these pants for a very long time. Fortunately, they are a tradition wide leg trouser style and will be timeless (hence my desire).  I am making them using a dark solid denim, however, i think they would be cute in a patterned canvas, or white canvas like sailor style etc.  I used a pdf pattern which is so time consuming trimming it, taping it, then tracing with swedish tracing paper etc. but now that i have the pattern ready to go, if i decide to make another pair it should go much faster. 

while waiting for my finishing notions for the flares, i am working on a philanthropy quilt for our guild and I want to make a sparkly skirt for the pub run.  I actually bought the material for it for the race two years ago, however with my mother's passing i bailed on the race.  

I also am out of netflix shows to binge.  any recs? any podcast recs? 

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